These guys are breaking BMX boundaries in India

Meet the passionate riders who are aiming to change how people see BMX in India. Watch the film now.
By Rajiv Desai

Despite a population of over a billion people, the BMX scene in India is relatively small. But there are pockets of areas in this vast nation where BMX is beginning to resonate among a youth that are keen not to follow the mainstream and take in outside influences from culture, sport and art.

Riders In The Clouds is a short film that tells the story of four young BMXers from Shillong, in north-east India. United in their common passion for BMX, they've found their sport is viewed with suspicion by their peers, family and authorities alike, and it's a daily battle to gain acceptance and respect.

Watch Riders In The Clouds in the video player above.

With the help of BMX pros like Flatland star Viki Gomez, who recently visited Shillong to put on riding workshops on a Red Bull Local Hero Tour, the hope is that the guys can help change the perceptions in their culture towards BMX and ride with the freedom they want.


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