Watch Bas Keep redefine BMX in his Walls project

See the BMX legend push the boundaries of street riding in this two year long wallride project.
By Rachel Verity

Redefining the concept of street riding, Sebastian 'Bas' Keep's latest project, Walls, takes BMX into uncharted territories.

It’s almost like a new discipline of riding, no one’s really done it before

Sebastian ‘Bas’ Keep

The British BMX legend uses ramps and his creativity to tackle some of the UK's most inaccessible wallrides, including the project's death-defying final Croydon spot – an insane 6.5m (22ft) gap to 9.7m (32ft) wallride that made the final ever cover of RideUK back in 2015.

Nearly two years later and the wait is over. Watch the video above to see Bas push the boundaries of what can be achieved in the street environment.

See more from Bas Keep's Wall project here:


Sebastian Keep
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