Watch how to manual with Masters and Macdonald

Mystified by the manual? Left wondering by the wheelie? Wyn Masters and Brook Macdonald can help.
By Ric McLaughlin

The manual; the dark, mysterious art of coasting along on the back wheel making it all look effortless. Mountain biking is full of two kinds of people – those who can manual, and those who can't.

Here to help those in the latter group is one of the world's foremost experts in manualing, Instagram's #wheeliewednesday King, Wyn Masters.

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Joined by team-mate Brook Macdonald to show you how it's done, here are the GT Factory Racing rider's top tips on how to manual, properly*:

  • Put on a helmet and lower your seat
  • Find a gradual, downward slope
  • Cover the back brake
  • Lean back, find the balance point, and lock your arms
  • If the front wheel starts to drop, thrust inwards with your hips

*These may take some time and patience to perfect, so stick at it.

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