This bike is made solely of cardboard

Meet the man who thought out of the box to make his dream of a working cardboard bike come true.
© Giora Kariv
By Rajiv Desai

The idea of a cardboard bike seems on first thought flimsy and impractical but for one man, Izhar Gafni, building such a bike has been very much a labour of love.

The Israeli national, a keen cyclist, spent years in his workshop perfecting techniques to build a cardboard bike that would be strong enough to support a human's weight and allow him to ride every day.

Watch above to find out the story of how Gafni came to build his game-changing cardboard bike.

Gafni found that by folding or layering commercial-grade cardboard several times you reinforce the cardboard and give it strength. A frame design, for instance, could then be cut or shaped from this reinforced cardboard.

Once cut the bike parts are stiffened with a special varnish resin mixture to increase durability and strength. Finally a waterproof coating and lacquered paint is added to make the part ready for assembly.

The frame, the wheels, handlebar and saddle on Gafni's single-speed bike are all made of cardboard. The brakes, tyres and drivetrain are made of other materials. The finished bike comes in at a weight of 9kg.

Find out more about Izhar Gafni's work with the cardboard bike and other cardboard technologies here.

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