Follow Loïc Bruni as he rides downhill by night

See the French DH star light up a night descent on his home track of Mandelieu-la-Napoule.
By Rajiv Desai

Nightfall doesn’t mean you have to stop riding. Just ask France’s downhill king Loïc Bruni. The affable 2015 DH World Champion recently took on the challenge of riding during the night on his hometown trail in Mandelieu for filmer Hadrien Picard's Night Chase clip.

With only minimal light provided by an LED-equipped drone flying overhead that chases him down the hill, Loïc uses all his masterful handling skills to navigate a track that he only ever gets to see in front of him seconds at a time as he rides down it.

See Loïc emerge from the darkness by watching Night Chase in the video above.

Loïc Bruni performs during the filming of Night Chase in Cannes
Loïc Bruni - The Night Rider © Hadrien Picard

This was no easy endeavour. There were sporting, production and filming challenges for Loïc and Hadrien to overcome to get to the final clip, not least the LED drone crew ensuring Loïc's safety at all times when following him down the hill!

Check out the behind-the-scenes clip below to see how Night Chase came together.

© Hadrien Picard

Loïc returns to racing at the Fort William World Cup on June 4. Watch the racing here on

Loïc Bruni
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