2014 All-Star: The highlights

We went to Paris so you didn't have to – here are some of our favourite moments!
2014 All-Star: The highlights
2014 All-Star: The highlights © Philippa Warr
By Philippa Warr

This weekend's League of Legends All-Star tournament saw pro-players and fans taking over Paris' Le Zenith arena for four days of Champion-based competition. Some was serious (hello, invitational), some less so (all-star fan modes), but all of it was met with roars of approval and chanting from the crowd. We've picked some standout moments of our own from the games below – don't forget to share yours in the comments!

SKT's skins game

Celebrating their Season 3 World Championship victory, SK Telecom T1's favourite champions got a team makeover thanks to a set of skins. Against Fnatic, the team saw their chance to break out that exact lineup. For a while it looked like Yellowstar might disrupt plans by picking Zyra, but he switched at the last moment letting SKT play a team skins special game.

© Riot Games

Will you marry me?

One fan used the tournament as the perfect moment to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Doran's ring jokes and a "yes" were followed by a kiss and a League of Legends gift delivered by Doublelift with the line "I'm glad you guys found your support".

© Philippa Warr

Froggen's winning performance

The All-Star Challenge saw the star-studded teams of Fire and Ice face off across all four days in a tussle for dominance which came down to the final game – a one-on-one, featuring Team Ice's Froggen and Fire's WeiXiao. Ultimately Froggen's Yasuo was too much for WeiXiao's Jarvan to handle and a smashed tower saw Team Ice claim victory for his side.

© Riot Games

Fnatic fanatics

The French (well, mainly French although some fans had travelled for far further afield) crowd was one of the most enthusiastic and upbeat we've seen, at times even cheering for minion kills. Unsurprisingly, they lent their full-throated support to Fnatic who were representing for Europe in the tournament. They didn't manage to make it through to the finals but got a lot of love from the spectators for their troubles. Just, y'know, don't mention ill-advised Baron attempts...

© Riot Games


SKT went on to face down OMG in the All-Star finals but we were rather partial to their game on day 2 of the tournament. It was a great match, but what really set us perching on the edges of our plastic arena seats was the moment about 4.50 minutes in where Gogoing manages to escape on microscopic HP. Epic.

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What was your favourite moment from the All-Star? Tell us in the comments below.

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