Meet MC, the legendary Protoss player

Red Bull speaks exclusively to Jang Min Chul, two time GSL winner about life and gaming.
By Ben Sillis

Jang Min Chul, better known by his handle MC, is one of the most successful StarCraft 2 players ever, but earning more than $500,000 in prize money doesn’t mean he doesn’t face problems, as he tells Red Bull in this exclusive video interview.

You probably recognise Min Chul as a mainstay in GOMTV’s Global StarCraft 2 League: with his legendary Stalker control and surgical precision, MC is one of the greatest Protoss players in the game’s history, pulling apart players with brutal speed and efficiency and devastating end-game meticulousness.

Behind the scenes, of course, MC is just another young man, facing the same pressures as everyone else. In his years as a professional gamer, winning the GSL title twice, MC has struggled with weight gain and loneliness. He tells us them and how he has pulled through with the help of friends and fellow industry veterans including Global eSports Management boss ‘reis’ Min-Sik Ko and former pro ‘ReaL’ Oh Jin Shil.

In this short documentary, we talk to MC about his struggles, his elation at breaking his 20-month winning drought with victory this year at the Invitational, life away from home training in Germany, and what’s next for a talented young man in country where mandatory military service is looming. Is retirement on the cards? Hit play to find out.

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