The ridiculous battles of EVO 2014 you have to see

We pick out our five most heart-pounding and heart-breaking highlights from EVO 2014.
EVO 2014
The ridiculous battles of EVO 2014 you have to see © Evolution Championship Series
By Philippa Warr

This weekend, EVO 2014 saw the fighting game community turn its collective eyeballs on the Westgate Las Vegas resort for a weekend of epic brawls, superhero punch ups and dastardly duelling. With so many hours of combat taking place across three Twitch streams plus the chance you're also trying to keep up with Valve's Dota 2 behemoth TI4, you might have been unable to catch everything. To help you out, we’ve pulled together five highlights you won't want to miss. Read on, watch, and enjoy all the immense action right here.

Ultra Street Fighter IV: Snake Eyez vs Louffy

French contender Louffy had a dominant start but American Snake Eyez was definitely no walkover and responded by pulling back two rounds. A KO from Louffy's low-health Rose on Snake Eyez' drain-circling Zangief followed and the match raged back and forth, eventually taking EU versus America to the last round of the final match. We won't spoil it for you – just watch!

Super Smash Bros Melee: PPMD vs Hungrybox

© Evolution Championship Series

"He's a wizard!" the commentators scream at the end of this match (partly because of Hbox's newfound headwear) as Hungrybox's Jigglypuff sends PPMD to the losers' bracket. It starts promisingly for top Falco player PPMD but in the second game Hbox pulls back a win from PPMD and the pair head to Pokemon Stadium for the final match up. Matches like this are why Hbox is considered the best Jigglypuff player in the world.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: RayRay vs Jan

© Evolution Championship Series

With RayRay only slightly ahead in win-rate in terms of matches played this year the competitors seemed well-matched for this face off. Jan's Hulk/Haggar/Shuma team took on RayRay's Magneto/Doctor Doom/Sentinel: RayRay pulled ahead early despite some great anticipations from Jan but the latter managed to smash his way to a comeback using Haggar. This was yet another tense match which came down to the wire.

Injustice Grand Finals

© Evolution Championship Series

If you’re less in the mood for a tense back and forth and more in the mood for an old-fashioned pasting, here's the Grand Final of Injustice: Gods Among Us, DC’s beat’em up. Pig of the Hut made it to the title fight but his Zod just couldn't fight back against Sonic Fox's Batgirl. Great reads and relentless aggression saw Sonic Fox sail through to take the crown with a thumping 6-0.

Prog's Cannon Award

© Evolution Championship Series

Premier commentator Wynton 'Prog' Smith took home the Cannon Award for his outstanding contribution to the fighting game community. It was a tearful moment for all involved (as well as those of us watching at home) as EVO 2014 was also Prog's last event. In June he announced his retirement as a result of health-related concerns. As fellow caster D1 says, "he's been doing commentary with me since way back when we had no filter and we decided we wanted to change the game, trying to push those games towards a more professional level." Thank you, Prog!

What was your favourite moment of EVO 2014? Tell us in the comments below.

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