Injustice: Five superhero duels you have to see

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the greatest DC battles ever between the game’s top players.
Injustice: Five outrageous superhero duels you hav
Injustice: Five superhero duels you have to see © DC/Warner Bros Interactive
By Jon Partridge

Injustice: Gods Among Us, DC Comic’s foray into the fighting fray pits its iconic comic-book characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and co. against each other in a grim, post-apocalyptic wasteland that’s not too dissimilar to the nether realms of Mortal Kombat – it’s made by the same guys too. Enough backstory though – the comic book brawler is steadily catching up to many of the fighting game mainstays on the pro scene, and is home to plenty of epic bouts that rival many of the years-long feuds you’d find flicking through a TPB of DC’s greatest hits. Handily, we’ve compiled a bunch of the best clashes for you to sink your teeth into, from this month’s EVO tournament and beyond. Flick through right here...

EVO 2014 Grand Final - Pig of the Hut vs Sonic Fox

© DC/Warner Bros Interactive

This year’s EVO fightfest has just wrapped, and while the return of Smash Bros attracted most of the attention from mainstream media, the Injustice tournament was one of the most exciting across the whole weekend, culminating in a gripping finale. Surprising fans, Sonic Fox plays a strong Batgirl, juggling AK pig of the Hut’s Zod with devastating effect, cleaning house 6-0 to take the trophy. Still, Zod puts up an impressive defence – hit the video to see how.

Winter Brawl 8 Grand Final - EMP KDZ vs RG MCZ Sonic Fox

© DC/Warner Bros Interactive

Essington, Pennsylvania, home to this year’s Winter Brawl 8, took place over a chilly February weekend, but that didn’t stop the fighting frenzy from heating up. Empire Arcadia’s KDZ took on Mad Catz’ Sonic Fox in a grand final to remember, with KDZ’s Cyborg Superman pummeling Sonic Fox’s honed Batgirl in a close fight, ending up 3-2 in KDZ’s favour after a tense stand off at the end – hit play to see how this went down.

CEO 2013 Grand Finals Chris G vs Perfect Legend

© DC/Warner Bros Interactive

Fnatic’s Perfect Legend always gives fighting fans match-ups to remember, but it was Chris G who walked away as the winner from last year’s CEO grand finals in Orlando, Florida, held in an actual wrestling ring. Chris G took his Green Arrow against PL’s Scorpion, barraging him with arrows, leaving him unable to make a comeback – did you see that one coming?

UFGTX Grand Finals: KiT | Forever King vs. FRQ/EMPR | Theo

© Keits/Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament

The relative novelty of Injustice means every tournament brings a wide roster of top level players, as well as new characters to the fore. This past May’s gripping UFGTX in Rosemont, Illinois is a great example, with Forever King’s Flash slugging it out against Aquaman before the former goes through something of an identity crisis at the character select screen and goes for Lobo in a last ditch attempt to secure victory. Does it pan out? Hit play and see.

EVO 2013 Grand Final - Crazy DJT88 vs KDZ

© DC/Warner Bros Interactive

Last year’s tournament was every bit as gripping as 2014’s, but with a different line up: here it’s DJT88’s Green Lantern versus KDZ’s almost unstoppable Superman. Unstoppable, that is, because of the skill of KDZ, mild-mannered marketing manager by day, ruthless crusher of dreams in Injustice by night. Stick around to see how things go down after the long range projectile battle in the opener.

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