Five amazing Battlefield 4 matches

Get your Battlefield fix filled with five of the best matches from EA’s spectacular shooter.
Five amazing Battlefield 4 matches
Five amazing Battlefield 4 matches © EA
By Jon Partridge

EA and DICE’s Battlefield series promises intense gameplay and epic battles, and on a competitive level, it delivers on that front too. While the Battlefield 4 competitive scene is still finding its feet, that doesn’t mean you won’t see any explosive action – anything but. With the finals of ESL's Summer Season at Gamescom just days away, join us as we take a look at five of the finest tournament firefights to have taken place in EA’s latest shooter so far.

MeetYourMakers vs PyRoGEN: Grand Final, EMS One Winter 2013/14



MeetYourMakers are well known as a force to be reckoned with in first person shooters, but in the run up to the event, few would have called this final. Remarkably, both runners up from the group stage ousted the winners in the semi-finals, with heavy front runners Epsilon and Fnatic sent packing early. You can see both teams clearly deserved their spots in the final however, which went right down to the final minutes in an epic best of five, with matters being settled in Siege of Shanghai, with the winner scooping the €10,000 prize.

Fnatic vs Epsilon eSports: Go4BF4 Cup #25 Finals


It’s not just the Battlefield 4 LAN tournaments that are worth watching: ESL’s weekly online Go4BF4 Cup plays host to some of the game’s most exciting match ups, day in, day out. You can even sign up yourself for free, so if you fancy your chances against the giants of the game, this is it. The rules are simple: Domination mode, five on five. In this final from last month, Fnatic head into round two with a hefty 125 ticket lead, but can Epsilon pull it back while bleeding tickets? Watch and find out.

PyRoGEN vs. Dignitas: Group A final, EMS One 2013/14


On the road to the finals in March and that blockbuster prize pot, PyRoGEN met Team Dignitas, edging out at the group final stage to proceed on. What’s so remarkable is that Team Dignitas are as close to Battlefield royalty as you can get: long before League of Legends was even conceived, Dignitas was formed as the union of two Battlefield 1942 clans. Still, the modern day Dignitas roster are unable to take the initiative on the first map, Dawnbreaker, leading to a frantic struggle in round two. Hit play above and watch it unfold.

aAa vs Eyeballers: Semi-finals Map 3, Dreamhack Winter 2013


Last year’s Dreamhack Winter Battlefield finals were plagued by technical issues, but watching them back minus interruptions shows just how good they were. Fnatic had already booked their place in the finals, leaving just one spot open for aAa and veteran squad Eyeballers to fight between them. It’s a close series, with Eyeballers taking map two to take it to the final round: for a while it looks as though they could make a spectacular comeback, but aAa close it with a tight finale.

Fnatic vs Epsilon eSports: Grand Final, ESL One Finals Spring 2014


After the surprise Winter final line-up, ESL’s Spring tournament wound up with two more expected contenders vying for top spot. Top flight Battlefield 4 is played in Domination, and that’s exactly what one of these teams did here, taking the best of five without dropping a single game. Hit play to see a masterclass unfold.

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