Five pro players who switched games

Same faces, different games: Meet the players who switched eSports and thrived.
Lee 'Jaedong' Jae Dong
Five pro players who switched games 1 © David Zhou / Flickr
By Philippa Warr

Matt 'FormaL' Piper cemented his place on the Call of Duty pro scene at the weekend by helping his team EnVyUs to victory at Gfinity's G3 event in London. Not only that but he was named MVP for the event. It's a great result for the player, but it's not his first success on the pro scene. He's already achieved fame through the Halo franchise competitive scene. In fact, this weekend's result saw him become the first pro gamer to win both a major Call of Duty and a Halo LAN event. In honour of that achievement, here are five more gamers who have made the switch from one pro scene to another, some with more success than Michael Jordan swapping out basketball for baseball.

Jaedong – Brood War to StarCraft 2

Lee 'Jaedong' Jae Dong made a name for himself as a StarCraft Brood War player. Making his debut appearance in 2006, Jaedong spent his first year racking up the second-best Zerg win rate on the circuit, beaten only by sAviOr before going on to walk the Royal Road by bagging his first Starleague title in 2007. When the legendary Brood War player made the switch to StarCraft 2 he had no fewer than three OSL gold medals to his name. Known as The Tyrant, he now plays for Evil Geniuses as part of their SC2 lineup.

hyhy – Dota 2 to League of Legends

Benedict 'hyhy' Lim Han Yong will be a familiar face to anyone who watched the recent Free To Play movie released by Valve. With Singaporean team Scythe he headed to the first ever Dota 2 International tournament at Gamescom in Germany where the squad put up a strong fight and eventually finished third. A stint as part of MYM and then under the Zenith team name followed before hyhy announced he would be switching to League of Legends as part of Singapore Sentinels. No longer with the Sentinels, hyhy has returned to Dota. Earlier in 2014 he was rumoured to be part of the roster for a new Scythe line-up but a denial on his Facebook page states that he now only plays Dota for pleasure.

Happy – Warcraft III to StarCraft 2

Dmitry 'Happy' Kostin first came to our attention via the Warcraft III competitive scene, building a reputation based on his Undead play. Happy spent time as part of several pro WC3 teams, including Mousesports and Evil Geniuses, earning a number of bronze medals and one silver over his pro WC3 career. But 2011 saw him swapping Warcraft for StarCraft (StarCraft 2, to be precise) where he specialised as Terran. Nowadays he plays for Team Empire and most recently came second in the Copenhagen Games 2014 competition.

MarineKing – StarCraft 2 to League of Legends

Lee 'MarineKing' Jung Hoon is probably best known as a Terran player in StarCraft 2 but he flirted briefly with a switch to League of Legends. In October 2013 the pro gamer announced he would be leaving Prime's StarCraft 2 roster to join the organisation's League of Legends division. The switch turned out to be relatively short-lived though and MarineKing returned to Prime's StarCraft 2 squad in February 2014 before joining MVP's lineup earlier in August.

Fnatic – Heroes of Newerth to Dota 2

And finally, an entire team switcheroo. Fnatic had already acquired a Dota 2 team in November 2011 in the form of FnaticMSI. The move didn't work out and the departure of the team was announced in March of 2012. Another bite at the Dota 2 cherry came in the form of Fnatic's Heroes of Newerth team who all made the switch to Dota 2 later that same month. N0tail (now BigDaddy), H4nn1, Fly and Era, despite recent health concerns, have been with the team ever since, while Trixi, another former Fnatic HoN player, officially joined the lineup in September 2012.

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