The 10 best Overwatch players in the world

We drill down into the stats to see who is the very best at Blizzard’s phenomenal game.
A screenshot of some of the characters in the Overwatch eSports game
Who’s the best of the best? © Blizzard
By Adam Cook

Like everyone else on the planet, we love Overwatch. The tight online multiplayer experience is addictive and the constant updating and balance changes keep the game fresh. In fact, our only complaint is that the new characters and maps are rolled out too slowly, because we want it all, right now.

We’re modest players, though. We like to play our part in a team, and will happily switch from a Reinhard to a Mercy if the situation demands it. But when it comes down to it, there are some players out there that are so good they make us feel inadequate. Thanks to Master Overwatch , we can see exactly who. Read on to see who the very best ranked players in the world are, right now (well, at the time of writing).


Rank: 9 (tied)

A screenshot of Overwatch video game character Zarya
Give me your best shot © Blizzard

Belgian player Alexandre ‘SPREE’ Vanhomwegen currently plays for Luminosity Gaming, and is the first (of many) on our list to spend lots of time with McCree. Elsewhere, he mixes it up with Widowmaker and Zarya. It could be argued his Widowmaker is slightly lacking in accuracy when you see the scoped accuracy of 47 percent, but then you see the 1.79 scoped crits per minute and you realise this player goes for the jugular and hits it. When he plays Zarya, the team almost always wins, as is proven with an 84 percent win rate, which is probably thanks to the 7.03 seconds on the objective average. We’d love him as our tank.


Rank: 9 (tied)

A screenshot of the character Tracer in Overwatch video game
Cheers love! © Blizzard

Similar to Genji, a Tracer main can also strike the fear of God into us. You can’t kill what you can’t see, and TheHell manages to get a 5.18 seconds average on the objective (for a Tracer that’s very high), while also skipping in and out enough to get a K/D ratio of 3.23. TheHell will also play Mercy (yay!) and McCree (boo!) when the occasion demands it, though.


Rank: 8

© Official Overwatch Highlights

With most time under his belt as McCree (notice a theme?), Zunba also has plenty of time under his belt as Zarya. In fact, he has a better win ratio with Zarya than McCree, so really ought to switch mains if you ask us. With a K/D ratio of 4.01 and an average objective time of more than seven seconds (both as Zarya), Zunba is playing Zarya right, which is not an easy thing to do.


Rank: 7

A screenshot of the character Ana in the Overwatch video game
Ana does not take any nonsense © Blizzard

Shock! Horror! An Ana player! Zupperman appears to be an offensive player, appearing in the top one percent for eliminations, probably thanks to the fact he plays McCree as well. Zupperman (also known in the real world as Aleksi Kuntsi from Finland) plays for the fabulously named Ninjas in Pyjamas team.


Rank: 6

© Solokiso

A Misfits pro player from Sweden, but one who cut his teeth playing Team Fortress 2, TviQ is best known for his Genji or Junkrat appearances. Adept with hitscan (any bullet without travel time is from a hitscan weapon) characters, he seems to be comfortable with multiple Overwatch characters and is in the top one percent for eliminations, damage, and K/D ratio.


Rank: 5

A screenshot of the McCree character in Overwatch
It’s high noon somewhere... © Blizzard

Nevix (also known as Andreas Karlsson from Sweden) also plays for Misfits, and spends most of his time with precision characters like McCree, Genji, and Hanzo (remember, he’s a PC player, so no auto aim for Hanzo here). He’s sitting pretty with 2.85 eliminations per minute, and 1.51 critical hits per minute, and with a 57.6 percent win rate, his McCree just about tops out his Hanzo (55.2 percent win rate), though it’s clear he’s an accurate player, as his Hanzo play has him at 2.65 eliminations per minute, too. With a K/D ratio of 2.98, you don’t want to be in his crosshairs. That said, his Genji is the real star of the show, and he has the highest win rate when playing as him, with 211.24 damage reflected per minute, 2.92 seconds of objective time averaged (high for a Genji), and 3.2 eliminations per minute. We’re not sure which of Nevix’s characters we fear the most.


Rank: 4

A screenshot of Lucio, a character in the video game Overwatch
Turn it up! © Blizzard

A McCree main? Still? In 2017? Yep, Zebbosai is nailing more than two eliminations a minute on average. Let that sink in a moment. Two eliminations. In one minute. On average. Unsurprisingly, that puts this player in the top one percent for that stat and the top four percent for damage. When Zebbosai isn’t playing McCree, it’s all about Lucio, Soldier: 76, and Widowmaker, so this person is a bit of an all rounder, really, and a good thing too, since he plays for team Misfits, professionally.


Rank: 3

A screenshot of the Gengi character from the video game Overwatch
Just the thought of him is scary © Blizzard

A Genji main is a scary thing. The lighting pace and the fact he can reflect your attack back at you, before unleashing a fast ultimate and removing half of your team means that if you face a Genji, you hope it’s not this player. A 4.16 eliminations per minute (as Genji) average suggests that, well, you don’t want to face lllllllll, and a 4.69 K/D ratio confirms it. As we say: scary.


Rank: 2

It’s incredible that one of the highest-rated players in the world is a Widowmaker main, as sniper characters require such dedication. But while this player has dabbled with Ana a few times, the fact they haven’t played as a few characters more than once in ranked makes it abundantly clear: SoOn is a sniper. While the kill/death ratio isn’t a hugely important (or easily surfaced) one in Overwatch, SoOn’s is 3.45, which is pretty high, and among the top six percent of all players, meaning that they are finding excellent spots to snipe from, while also using the Venom Mine to alert them to anyone flanking them. Clever.


Rank: 1


All caps, and all business, EVERMORE is the best player in the world, and tends to play a lot of Roadhog, but like us, will switch to Mercy. Across EVERMORE’s favourite characters, they have an above average win ratio, but it’s their hook stats as Roadhog that suggests this player is aggressive. With more than two enemies hooked per minute and over 1,000 damage per minute, EVERMORE is on the front foot and tanking away, absorbing the damage and giving an advantage to the team by distracting, very successfully.

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