A new challenger enters Red Bull Kumite 2017

A new challenger is rising up through the Red Bull Kumite qualifying tournament: Could it be you?
A comic looking at a potential new comer to Red Bull Kumite 2017
There's a new challenger on the block © Kalon/RedBull.com
By Ryan Esler

Every year Red Bull offers two players the opportunity to qualify for Red Bull Kumite on the Saturday prior to the event. Those not invited to the main event can earn their spot by competing in the qualifier and gain entry to competition the following day.

So, in this week’s comic by Kalon, Izu, and Madd, we imagine how that might play out with a look at Niko’s fictitious participation in the Red Bull Kumite 2017 qualifier.

From the 256 competitors in the qualifier, only two will qualify. In 2015 we saw two French locals, Cuongster and Gagapa, make it through. 2016 saw Big Bird from the UAE and Valmaster from France qualify after a long day of fighting off the competition.

It’s the ultimate trial by fire and takes a lot out of the players. Historically one of these players would go 0-2 and the other would create a great deal of upset in the bracket during the main competition.

Last year that player was Adel 'Big Bird' Anouche, who brought his sublime Ken to Red Bull Kumite, beating players like Xian, Alioune, and Gamerbee to place joint fifth with Justin Wong.

The last-chance qualifier is the Cinderella story of the fighting game community. It’s where underdogs are found and history is made. Throughout the years players have been able to launch their careers off the back of the qualifier and prove that they can stand toe to toe with the best players in the world.

If you feel like you have what it takes, then why not head over to the official website and check out all the tournament details. Even if you don’t win this year, you could follow in the footsteps of Arman 'Phenom' Hanjani. Phenom failed to qualify in previous years, but used the tournament as a means of gaining experience. This year he stands alongside 13 of the world’s greatest players as one of the players invited to take part in Red Bull Kumite 2017.

In partnership with Predator, Red Bull Kumite 2017 kicks off in Paris on May 27 and May 28 2017.

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