Red Bull Crashed Ice - Landgraaf

Landgraaf, Netherlands
© Andreas Schaad/Red Bull Content Pool

The third stop on the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship is something very special.

For the first time in ice cross downhill history, athletes compete on an indoor ice track. The track is built below the chair lift of the world's largest indoor winter sports resort: SnowWorld in Landgraaf in the Netherlands.

Landgraaf is located in the centre of Europe, close to the three-country point where the borders of Germany, Holland and Belgium meet each other.

As of the end of December 2012, the 330-metre indoor ice track is open to the public and for the athletes participating in the World Championship. What will this do for the chances of the Dutchies? Will Glenn Bakx take advantage of the permanent ice track built in his backyard and claim a place in the final?