Event Participants in Red Bull Flugtag 2010, Istanbul

Red Bull Flugtag 2013

, various locations

© Nuri Yilmazer/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Flugtag returns with a splash in 2013. Fearless men and women around the world will be launching themselves off a series of terrifyingly high platforms in self-constructed flying machines that range from the sensible to the what-on-earth-were-you-thinking?

  • Sunday 26 May
    10:00 AM22:00 PM

    Red Bull Flugtag Istanbul 2013

    The first event in the 2013 series of Red Bull Flugtag is in Istanbul, Turkey, where Flugtag returns for the first time since 2010 and the third time in all. Huge crowds are expected to be out on force to witness madcap moments and plenty of thrills and spills that come as standard in Red Bull Flugtag.

  • Saturday 22 June
    10:00 AM22:00 PM

    Red Bull Flugtag Belgrade 2013

    For the first time ever and making its long awaited debut in Serbia, Red Bull Flugtag comes to the beach of Ada Ciganlija Lake, where around 50,000 fans will witness history in the making as the first such event in Serbia.

  • Sunday 2 June
    10:00 AM22:00 PM

    Red Bull Flugtag Kiev 2013

    Red Bull Flugtag returns for the second time to the Ukrainian capital Kiev where the madcap action takes place in Rusanovka and 65,000 fans will gather to see the event of the year – Red Bull Flugtag.

  • Sunday 30 June
    10:00 AM22:00 PM

    Red Bull Flugtag Stockholm 2013

    Red Bull Flugtag returns to Sweden for the fifth time and fourth time at the historic venue of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Always a popular event in Sweden and just prior to a national holiday the 25,000 plus crowd will be treated to a superb day of entertainment in the unique style of Flugtag.

  • Saturday 27 July
    10:00 AM21:00 PM

    Red Bull Flugtag Ottawa 2013

    Those wonderful men (and women) in their flying machines will make their way to the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, Canada for Red Bull Flugtag 2013. There will be 40 teams attempting to stretch the laws of gravity in their own creations and plenty will end up in the Ottawa River a matter of seconds after take off in front of 50,000 watching fans.

  • Sunday 28 July
    10:00 AM22:00 PM

    Red Bull Flugtag Moscow 2013

    The Strogino area of Moscow plays host to its third edition of Red Bull Flugtag. On it's previous appearance here the event attracted a huge 106,000 spectators and a bumper turnout is expected again as the event of the year hits town. Competition is fierce for the 40 team places and last time there were more than 3,000 applications for those 40 places, so we'll be seeing some determined and hopefully skilled entrants taking part in Red Bull Flugtag Moscow.

  • Saturday 21 September
    10:00 AM21:00 PM

    National Red Bull Flugtag Day USA 2013

    The first ever National Red Bull Flugtag Day takes place in five cities simultaneously across the United States of America. Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Long Beach all host their own Red Bull Flugtag events on the same day and fight it out for the top honours. Thirty teams will take to the ramps in each of the five cities and do battle in their self-built creations to do battle for their home town.

  • Sunday 22 September
    10:00 AM22:00 PM

    Red Bull Flugtag Prague 2013

    Set against the backdrop of Prague Castle, Red Bull Flugtag is back in the Czech Republic for the first time since 2006. Forty teams will bring their individually designed creations to Strelecky Ostrov on the Vltava River in Old Prague and a crowd of around 25,000 will see if they can fly. We're guessing that a fair few of them won't, but that's half of the fun of Red Bull Flugtag.

  • Friday 1 November
    10:00 AM22:00 PM

    Red Bull Flugtag Doha 2013

    The final Red Bull Flugtag of 2013 is also a first, as the world famous event touches down in Qatar for the very first time. The Islamic Art Museum Park in Doha will be the venue for this auspicious occasion and 20,000 fans will make their way there to watch. The competitors will hop aboard their own creations and make their way down the ramp and see if it flies. Simple. And very entertaining!