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Red Bull Art of Motion brings together the world’s best freerunners on unique courses in epic locations across the globe. Red Bull Art of Motion began in Vienna, Austria in 2007. World-renowned freerunning star and the victor in that first competition, Ryan Doyle, explains that each event is about the taking part more than the winning: “It’s more of an exhibition of different styles. The audience down on the ground wants a winner, obviously, but there are no losers. It’s not 18 freerunners competing against each other, it’s 18 freerunners competing against the course every time – almost like 18 different tournaments.”

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Art of Motion News - 2014 Annoucer

Red Bull Art Of Motion returns

The world's best freerunners meet up in Santorini for a new battle in October 2014!

Top 3 Santorini - Cermony

Art of Motion: Top 3 videos

All three of the podium-placed freerunners cut together for you to enjoy!

Top 3 Red Bull Art Of Motion Santorini 2013

Art of Motion: Qualifier takes the win

The USA's Cory DeMeyer, an on-site qualifier, wins the world's most top freerunning competition.