Red Bull King of the Rock 2016

Belgrade, Serbia

The seventh edition of world's most prestigious and toughest one-on-one basketball tournament, the Red Bull King of the Rock World Final 2016, brings a global audience to the longtime home of Serbia's Red Bull King of the Rock national event in Belgrade.

After a series of qualifying events taking place around the world, the best and toughest finalists (Kings and Queens) face off to crown the new champion. The tournament follows a straightforward concept where players battle head-to-head in raw outdoor basketball, using a single-elimination tournament bracket. Games last five minutes and are subject to regulation hoops rules and scoring (two- and three-pointers). Players have to be tough to make it to the finals, but also have to play smart – five fouls equal an automatic loss.

In 2015, it was Turkey’s Kivanç Dinler who claimed the title for the second year in a row and Russia’s Ekaterina Bezgodova who was crowned Red Bull Queen of the Rock 2015. Who can take the glory this year in the historic surroundings of Belgrade Fortress?