Red Bull King of the Rock

Istanbul, Turkey
© Nuri Yilmazer/Red Bull Content Pool

For the 6th edition of world's most prestigious and toughest one-on-one basketball tournament, the Red Bull King of the Rock World Finals 2015 took place in new, unique and truly iconic surroundings. The event brought 32 male and 10 female finalists from 22 countries to face off in the historic Beykoz Leather and Shoe Factory in Istanbul on August 29.

In the end, it was Turkey’s Kivanç Dinler who claimed the title for the second year in a row and Russia’s Ekaterina Bezgodova who was crowned Red Bull Queen of the Rock 2015.

See you next year in Turkey!


What is King of the Rock?

In 2010, Red Bull produced the first sporting event to be held on the infamous Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, aka 'The Rock', since the inmates of its famous high-security jail left over 50 years ago, with 64 competitors from the West Coast of the United States. From 2011 to 2013 Red Bull again created an outdoor basketball venue in this most iconic and recognisable location and did it with ballers competing from around the globe. The calibre of the players and competition has got higher each year, and now Red Bull King of the Rock is back in 2015 and promises to be better than ever. The tables have been turned since the World Finals moved from the US to Samasana Island, Taiwan, and now they move once again to Turkey for the 2015 edition. Istanbul will welcome the world's toughest basketball players on August 29. The 32 King of the Rock finalists will include players from the 21 National Finals in Angola, Argentina, Belarus, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Serbia, South Africa, Turkey, Tunisia, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Georgia. The 10 Queen of the Rock finalists will consist of players from the six National Finals held in Taiwan, Angola, Russia, Lebanon, Hong Kong and Turkey.

What are the rules?

  • Head-to-head single elimination tournament
  • Coin toss to determine first possession
  • Five-minute games with running clock
  • 15-second shot clock
  • Standard two and three points for shots made
  • Alternating possession
  • Five fouls lead to disqualification
  • One technical foul leads to disqualification
  • If fouled in the act of shooting a successful basket, player gets the one additional point and possession changes
  • Injury time-out: Two minutes at the referee's discretion
  • A tie after regulation leads to two minutes overtime (coin toss for first possession)
  • 11-0 skunk rule applies, game over

What is streetball?

Streetball is basketball in its purest form. When you roll up to a court, all you have is your name and your game. Respect is given when respect is earned – and never a moment sooner. The proving grounds are spread out across the world in the thousands of playgrounds where streetball is played. Each one has its own rules, its own quirks and its own personality. Both Qualifiers and Finals will follow one-on-one street basketball rules in a single elimination tournament. Only two- and three-pointers count in each five-minute game, while five fouls equal an automatic loss. The competition is open to amateurs and pros alike; however, players must be at least 16 years of age to participate.

The location

Established in 1810 as a tannery, the Beykoz Leather and Shoe Factory is one of the oldest in Istanbul, and where shoe production began in the country.