Red Bull Street Style 2016

London, United Kingdom
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The rules are simple: three minutes, two players, one ball, one winner. This is Red Bull Street Style, the world’s premier freestyle football tournament.

Red Bull Street Style burst onto the scene in 2008 with a World Final held in Brazil and global champions were crowned in South Africa (2010) and Italy (2012) before Poland's Szymon Skalski tricked his way to the men's championship in Tokyo in 2013. The 2014 event was held in the historic Pelourinho Square in Salvador, Brazil. 

In 2016 Red Bull Street Style conquered the UK. The world’s best freestyle footballers rocked London’s Roundhouse, with Carlos Alberto Iacono of Argentina winning the men’s World Championship and Mélody Donchet of France securing the women's title.

Click here to watch a replay of the 2016 event.

F3 - The Freestyle Football Federation

Get to know F3 – the federation that’s bringing freestyle football to people around the world

When Red Bull Street Style makes its UK debut at London’s Roundhouse on November 7-8, for the first time the winning man and woman will be crowned the official World Champions of freestyle football. Here’s a snapshot of the Freestyle Football Federation, the governing body for the sport.

First launched in 2008, Red Bull Street Style has always been a prestige event featuring the planet’s top ballers. This time, when the World Final makes its UK debut at the Roundhouse in London on November 7-8, the tournament will be presented in partnership with F3, the Freestyle Football Federation. What does that mean? Among other things, it means that the Red Bull Street Style World Final is the official World Championship of the sport.

And what is F3?

“The Freestyle Football Federation is the world governing body for the sport of freestyle football,” says federation president Daniel Wood. “It is committed to growing awareness of and participation in freestyle football worldwide.”

Freestyle football is more than just doing tricks with a football. For freestylers today it’s an art form, a sport and a lifestyle – and, as Wood points out, “all you need is a ball” to participate. Founded with the belief that freestyle football has something for everybody, regardless of gender, location or circumstances, the Freestyle Football Federation was created to make sure everyone gets the chance to be recognized as part of a community.

There are 93 country members in the F3 network, which means a registered group of people and organizations in 93 countries are committed to growing freestyle football and to delivering social opportunity through the sport.

The Freestyle Football Federation’s partnership with Red Bull Street Style goes far beyond sanctioning the World Final as the official World Championship. F3 has also been responsible for the Qualifiers held globally to select the field of top men and women who will battle for the title on November 7-8, as well as for assembling the tournament’s team of expert judges.