Stunt school: Grand Theft Auto V

Want to get more out of your games? Class is now in session for GTA V.

Stunt School: Grand Theft Auto V
Stunt School: Grand Theft Auto V© Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V, the latest and greatest in the free-roaming franchise is home to all sorts of crazy hijinks right from the get go, but Trevor’s insanity is just the tip of the iceberg really. Hop into GTA Online with your own custom character and you’ll be immersed in a vast world filled with eager gamers, all aiming to nail insane tricks and jumps on their bikes, burn rubber through the city streets in their tricked-out cars and perform death-defying loops in all-manner of aircraft. Join us this week for a look at some of the greatest insane stunts we’ve ever laid our eyes on – we’ll walk you through how you can do the same.

From the wheel of death to wind turbine stunts

© Rockstar Games

Infamous GTA stuntman RedKeyMon has developed a reputation for being San Andreas’s equivalent of Robbie Maddison and now he’s back again with the third in his incredible Stuntman series. Ranging from casually landing his bike on a rotating wind turbine blade to leaping onto a passing airliner, RedKeyMon does it all – but with the risk of missing a landing removed, there’s no reason you can’t do the same. All you need to do to be in the same league is leave your fear behind, slam on the throttle and hit a kerb with your bike at full speed and at just the right angle to get the perfect launch – where you land is up to you, but the video above provides some imagination starters for you.

© Rockstar Games

Fancy recreating the wall of death stunt with your hard earned Infernus? Head to the top of the map in Blaine County and you’ll find the perfect disused swimming pool for pulling off the stunt – just rev up your engines, hit the walls and you’ll soon be revving around the sides in no time at all. Take a look at the video above for the exact location and for another look at the insane stunt.

Land your motorbike on a moving speedboat

© Rockstar Games

Ever cleared a huge gap and nailed the landing on your motorbike? That’s a piece of cake compared to safely coming to a halt on a moving speedboat? GTA player Feym has and it looks just as epic as it sounds. If you want to recreate his speedboat landing, you’ll need a sharp eye and a fast motor. Grab a friend online to drive the boat, head up to Sandy Shores (near Trevor’s house), find the long path heading into the lake and rev up your engines – expect more than a few splash landings.

Hit the streets of Los Santos with your BMX

© Rockstar Games

RedKeyMon is back again, but this time he’s swapped the V8 motors for just a pair of pedals and plenty of huge gaps. Right from the start, he’s aiming big with his jumps and getting plenty of big rotations all around the city. While you can’t land a tailwhip or barspin in GTA, you can pull off backflips, 360s and crank grinds. All you need is a good sense of timing, an accurate trigger finger and a feel for the best spots Los Santos has to offer. Take a look at the video and check out the best areas to bunnyhop, as it’s not just the skate parks you should be riding.

Nomad Union crew show you how to fling your whip miles

© Rockstar Games

Does flinging cars off huge ramps and buildings sound like your cup of tea? How about using another car as a ramp for takeoff? The Nomad Union crew show you exactly how to do that in their crazy compilation video. Get a feel for the best spots around San Andreas, grab a friend to help as a takeoff ramp and put the pedal to the metal to nail these huge jumps - just be thankful you’re not the one actually in the car, as things could get messy.

Super GT airplane stunts

© Rockstar Games

You don’t need to have a pilot’s license in real life to get a kick out of performing loops the loops and, as Super GT shows, all you need is GTA V, a fighter jet and a huge city to call your playground. Get a look at how he manages to squeeze his aircraft right into the tiniest gaps Los Santos has to offer and does it in style too – want to do the same? Keep your thumbs steady on the analogue sticks, hit the throttle and aim directly for those gaps without any hesitation at all. Start small with some of the wider bridges, and gradually build up to taking on the tiniest gaps and holes dotted around the city – there are more than you might think.

What high-octane stunts have you pulled off in Los Santos? Tell us in the comments below!