Stunt School: Call of Duty Ghosts

Tree hugging, flying dogs, knife tricks and moonwalking – we’re taking you to CoD school.
Stunt School: Call of Duty Ghosts
Stunt School: Call of Duty Ghosts © Infinity Ward
By Damien McFerran

Call of Duty: Ghosts has been out for a few months now, and during that time the world's best players have honed their craft to create a massive library of sure-fire killing techniques that
are designed to dominate any online gaming session.

Anyone can pull off a killstreak with enough practice though – some of these tricks on the other hand take the dexterity of an eSports pro, the perseverance of a cross country MTB rider and imagination to rival Danny MacAskill. Read on for some the coolest, most outlandish and downright amusing tricks you can employ in your next Ghosts deathmatch – it’s this week’s Stunt School.

Scopes are for newbies

© Infinity Ward

Sniper rifles come with telescopic scopes for a reason – they allow you to harness the incredible stopping power of the weapon to take out unsuspecting targets that are huge distances away, thereby avoiding the prospect of taking damage yourself. Without the scope, shooting with a sniper rifle is not only difficult, it's totally unwise – the reload time is so long that you're sure to be taken out by any enemy with a rapid-firing gun. But as any seasoned Call of Duty veteran will know, difficult kills are the ultimate goal for a skilled player, and if you're able to take out an enemy at a distance without using the scope, you have the right to wear a broad grin across your smug face for the remainder of the day. Like these guys.

Take to the trees

© Infinity Ward

This glitch is seen on the Containment map and allows you to leap onto a billboard for the perfect sniping position. It's a cheeky trick which is made even cheekier by the fact that you can drop down onto a nearby tree, which magically suspends your burly soldier in mid-air. If you're looking for that secret tactic to befuddle rival players, then surely the power of levitation will do the trick – they'll be too amazed by your mystical, rock climbing powers to even think about fighting back.

Become a bullet-flingin' badass

© Infinity Ward

There’s a classic Jet Li film in which the martials arts superstar flicks a bullet into a bad guy with his finger – and believe it or not, you can do the same in Ghosts. Call of Duty – like so many first person shooters – is packed with unintentional little quirks which allow players to look great when they take someone out. This trick involves changing weapons just as you're about to fire, and causes the bullet to fling out of the barrel in a random direction. When viewed in-game the effect is so subtle you may even miss it, but when you come to watch the kill-cam footage it's much more impressive.

Channel the spirit of Michael Jackson

© Infinity Ward

Michael Jackson may no longer be with us, but it's comforting to know that his spirit lives on in the virtual world. This stunt requires perfect timing and your character only "moonwalks" for a short moment, but if you're quick enough to pull off a kill during the backwards shuffle, you'll have your enemies not only cowering in fear but also strangely transfixed – they may even believe that the late Prince of Pop has crossed over from the afterlife and possessed their console. Or at least that they’ve somehow switched over to a Red Bull BC One stream.

Knives are dangerous, OK?

© Infinity Ward

Guns and missiles are all well and good, but taking out the enemy with a bladed weapon – and one that has been thrown, to boot – is about as good as it gets when it comes to kills in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Knife kills are hard to master, but there's a spot on the Stormfront map which gives a higher-than-average rate of success. It might look like you're throwing a knife into thin air, but because it's next to a respawn point, your chances of actually hitting someone are increased dramatically. It also looks totally amazing, like a three point swoosh shot. Of pain.

Use man’s best friend to round up your foes like sheep

© Infinity Ward

The addition of dogs was one of Call of Duty: Ghost's biggest selling points, and aside from looking downright adorable, these prime-time pooches come in very handy during certain sticky situations, and you can pull off some clever shepherding techniques with them too. When you're facing off against a group of camping opponents in a building, you can use your canine friend's inability to climb ladders to force them to move through the area occupied by your sworn foes. Your dog will attempt to meet up with you on higher ground, snapping at the heels of any bad guys he encounters on the way. Just make sure you reward him with a doggy treat after he's done – taking out hordes of gamers is hard work.

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