Stunt School: Need for Speed Rivals

Thought the stunts in the film were good? Please. You can do better and here’s how.
Stunt School: Need for Speed Rivals
Stunt School: Need for Speed Rivals © EA
By Jon Partridge

EA’s longstanding racing franchise Need for Speed has been a gaming staple ever since its debut back in 1994, spanning multiple consoles and genres in its twenty-year life - and the latest, and twentieth entry, Rivals, proves the franchise shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, the series made a nitrous-powered leap to the big screen this year, with Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul leading the vehicular frenzy. If you’ve already caught the flick at the cinema and thought the high-octane motor stunts were incredible, you’ve not seen anything yet - join us as we take a look at some of the most unreal leaps and jumps crammed into Ghost Games and Criterion Games’ latest open world driving game.

Jump up on it

© EA

In a slick montage video, YouTube gamer SkySlash shows off all manner of death-defying jumps across the vast and varying terrain that Rivals has on offer, from Dakar-style desert dunes to cliff-side locales and even disused airports, not quite unlike Robbie Maddison in his epic Air.Craft edit. Ever seen a McLaren P1 soar through the air? Hit play to see the sparks fly, the rubber burn and all sorts of cars, ranging from Ferraris to Lamborghinis, take to the skies.

Crank up the heat

© EA

High-flying leaps are all good and dandy, but what about an insane police chase that keeps you on your toes, your adrenaline pumping and each corner absolutely crucial? Skip to 13 minutes in to see things start to sizzle up, as YouTube’s TC9700Gaming takes to the tarmac in his Lamborghini Gallardo for a few street races before the cops start to intercept, and attempt to take him down across the game world, eventually reaching a smoking hot heat level of 10. If only he had a plane.

He’s got a brand new car. Looks like a Jaguar.

© EA

If you’re bored of the cars that arrive on the disc, and you need a reason to get hold of some brand new motors, this video will show you why you need to add these DLC cars to your digital garage. YouTuber GhostxGaming puts the pedal to the metal with a range of high-rev motors, including Ferrari’s ridiculous F40 and F50, as well as Jaguar’s legendary XJ220 supercar, throwing them off all sorts of jumps and giving them the treatment those snooty sorts in the showroom wouldn’t approve of. We do though, we do.

Go for broke

© EA

How far can you fling your motor? YouTube gamer ProCodar proves you can soar through the air an incredible 299 metres with enough gusto (and nitrous boosts) in his Koenigsegg Agera, making his jump a huge leap that spans nearly the entire length of the arch at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, which Brian Capper tackled on his motorbike in 2010. That’s some incredible air - and over 10 times the height of what your typical Red Bull Cliff Diver faces.

Can you pull off the longest drift ever?

© EA

Ever thought yourself as a bit of a drift king? BojanVasiljevic03 proves he’s on top of going sideways, as he revs up a McLaren MP4-12C for an incredible 11km - we just wonder how his tyres held out. If only Hannes Arch and Dominic Tiroch’s epic drift battle measured up to the same length.

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