Stunt School: Watch Dogs

Boosting stunts with a smartphone in the open world adventure game of the year.
Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs © Ubisoft
By Jon Partridge

Ubisoft’s long awaited, sprawling third-person open world shooter, Watch Dogs, lets you hack into almost anything and everything within its near-future Chicago, and you can even use those hacking powers to get the adrenaline glands pumping too. Join as we take a look at what the internet’s finest gamers have been cooking up in Watch Dogs, from huge jumps and insane barrel rolls to tech-enabled, death-defying stunts.

Getaway in style

© Ubisoft

If you’re in need of some inspiration for your next police getaway – or to simply shake off friends who are chasing you on the ctOS app – YouTube gamer TheTimePlayed has you covered with a range of slick and stylish jumps in his epic montage that’ll have you losing the cops in no time. Save your hacks for when you need ‘em, and hit these jumps at full pelt to shake off Chicago’s finest.

Missed your train?

© Ubisoft

Woke up late? About to miss your train? Here’s an easy fix – simply grab your bike, rev up the engine and hit the nearest jump to then land on top of the Loop. YouTube gamer css172 shows us exactly what to do, taking his Robbie Maddison impression to the next level – and of course, in true Watch Dogs fashion, once you’re safely on board, simply hack away to get the train in motion to your desired destination. Best. Commute. Ever.

Ship to ship

© Ubisoft

Zipping through traffic and feeling the virtual wind blowing against Aiden’s trendy knitwear is one of the best things to do on a motorbike in Watch Dogs, and the winding streets of Chicago make for the perfect two wheeled tour. Handily, the city is also home to a sizable harbour, and the armada it contains help set up some serious jumps. While you can’t quite BASE jump from a boat, you can use another sea vessel as your launchpad, and gamer css172 shows us how. Once you’ve stuck the landing, you’ll soon be confusing rival players, enemy police and your friends as to where you’ve zipped off to.

Skip the valet

© Ubisoft

Usually, when parking in Chicago’s Marina City building, you need to hand your keys to the valet to let him park in the wide-open sky-scraper. YouTube gamer OscarSchneckener, however, simply skips that formality, and hits the jumps to nail his car right into a tight gap on the side of the building, among other huge jumps in his montage. Take a peek at his top-notch clip, and let us know if you have any other ways to skip the valet and save a few dollars.

Hack a bunny hop

© Ubisoft

Tapping into the city of Chicago lets you up the stunt factor even more, and the guys at Achievement Hunter have exploited that to the max with their simple, yet effective, bunny hop. All you need to do to replicate the pop-motion bunny hops is push the pedal to the metal and time a parking post hack just right to launch you flying into the air. Clear sets of cars, pop a jump over your friends, or even get a friend to hitch a ride on the roof. And you thought today’s smartphones were powerful.

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