Stunt School: Arma III

Who needs DayZ when you can do all of this in the original military action sim that spawned it?
Arma III
Stunt School: Arma III © Bohemia Interactive
By Jon Partridge

Bohemia Interactive’s open world, military action sim Arma III is well known for its sandbox nature, realistic weaponry, gorgeous surroundings, and it’s one massive shooter you can dive into with plenty of your friends for all sorts of hijinks. It’s not all just running, gunning and completing missions though: there’s plenty of fun to be had in the game that led to DayZ, and we’ll show you exactly how to make the most of the massive world in this week’s Stunt School.

Recreate Rainbow Road

© TheJollyGamerJoe

While initially revealed as an April Fools’ Day joke, and as a nod to Jean-Claude Van Damme’s viral split video, go-kart racing made its way to the military sim as the first paid-for DLC content in the game. That’s right, full on karts you can tear up the track with. And what better way to race those karts than with a nod to Mario Kart’s legendary Rainbow Road track? YouTube gamer TheJollyGamerJoe takes us for a spin around the remade track, which, of course, will have you falling off in classic, frustrating Mario Kart style.

Hang high

© JAM3SwithGAM3S

The modding community is thriving on Arma III, and one such created add-on brings a Far Cry 3-style spin to the mix by letting you soar through the skies on your very own hang-glider. JAM3SwithGAM3S walks us through the basics to get started, and once you’re up and running, you’ll soon be able to soar like Red Bull athlete Jon Durand and fly with the birds.

Take your kart offroad

© lalas147

What happens when you give a load of karts to a bunch of people and take them away from the tarmac? Jumps aplenty it seems, as the footage that lalas147 recorded has revealed that if you give a man a go-kart, he’ll find something to clear. Witness a dozen drivers wreak havoc in a drainage ditch, and watch out for plenty of explosions too.

Take a spin in the skate park

© Sherlock inHD

While you can’t actually get your two feet on a skateboard deck in Arma 3, you can hit up the quarterpipe to reach for the skies with some big air. Sherlock inHD takes us for a trip around the custom Arma 3 skate park map, showing just how far you can soar in your souped up ride. How high can you go?

Low flying

© NjoyTommyGun

You might want to reach the skies in your car, but what about soaring low on the roads in your fighter jet? NjoyTommyGun takes his Buzzard A-143 for a spin around the world of Arma III, and he could give even the best Red Bull Air Race pilots a run for their money, especially with his epic bridge gap at 2:40 in the above video. Care to do the same?

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