The staggering size of Star Citizen, visualised

The cold vacuum of Cloud Imperium Games’ vast space in cold, hard numbers.
A lone Citizen explores an asteroid field
Ships get much lighter once they explode © Cloud Imperium Games
By Rich Wordsworth and Jon Partridge

The world is full of all sorts of people. Some are captivated by fine art; others find solace in music. Some rep Pac, while others back Biggie. Some people believe pineapple constitutes an acceptable pizza topping. Some – and by some, we mean many, many, many – have backed Star Citizen, Chris Roberts’ ambitious space exploration game.

Correspondingly, the universe must have room for even more people. Most of those people, by chance, like whizzing about in spaceships, swapping space whats-its and blowing each other up. But bobbing about in the vast void of the infinite, there are also people who like numbers.

“How big?” They cry, in wonder, as a new planet blinks into view. “How far?” They clamour, plotting course for an uncharted system. “How heavy?” They demand, as the gargantuan hulk of a space-freighter drifts silently past in the black. Which is a weird thing to ask about something in a weightless vacuum – but darn it, these people will have their answers!

It is in honour of these great quantifiers, these brave pioneers, that we present Red Bull’s very own Star Citizen infographic, summarising Cloud Imperium Games’ epic journey so far, upending not merely a video game genre, but an entire industry business model in the process.

For in a hostile universe alive with pirates, duplicitous human pilots and giant sand worms, are these placid few, boldly going out with their galactic tape measures and weighing scales, not the true heirs of Kirk, Picard, Janeway and the guy from Deep Space Nine?

Peaceful charters of the stars: We salute you.

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