Mad Mike

Mike Whiddett

I like to entertain and I love the adrenaline!

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Hi, my name is Mike Whiddett. My discipline is drift racing. My friends call me Mad Mike. I was born on 10 January 1981 in New Zealand.


Coming from a MotoX background, New Zealand-born Mike Whiddett made a major impact in the drift scene when he released his Red Bull-branded, specially-modified 515bhp ‘MADBUL’ Mazda RX-7 and then the rotary-engined 'BADBUL' RX-8.

Mike made the switch from competing pro in FMX to Drifting in 2006. Since then, he's had a string of successful years in Drifting. Mike's competed in two pro-spec drift cars, and regards his drifting career as a full-time job. It's one which takes him all over the globe.

With a huge following in the NZ drift community, he always takes the time to talk with as many fans as possible.

As a talented driver he pushes both himself and his car to the limits every time he takes to the track. This was most evident during his performance at the Red Bull World Drifting Championships in LA, where Mike made his way into the "Great Eight".

In 2014, Whiddett was responsible for creating yet another drifting wondercar – the 1,000bhp Mazda MX-5, named 'RADBUL' as it follows in the tyre tracks of MADBUL and BADBUL, with the car taking the drift world by storm during 2015.

Highlights in 2016 included drifting the UK's infamous 'Magic Roundabout' in Swindon and a trip to South Africa, where BADBUL entertained the crowds at Wheels of Fury in Cape Town and took on the Franschhoek Pass at 248kph.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2014
    1. Most Thrilling Driver Award

      At the Goodwood Festival of Speed


  2. 2013
    1. Conquered the Crown Range

      47 corners, 1076 metres elevation, 10.4km long.

      Crown Range, New Zealand

  3. 2009
    1. 1st Place: NZDRIFT Championship

      New Zealand

    2. 1st Place: Formula D Asia Pacific World Drift Championships


  4. 2008
    1. 3rd Place: Asia Pacific World Drift Championships


    2. Top 8: Red Bull World Drift Championships

      California, USA

  5. 1997
    1. 2nd Place: New Zealand Pro Junior 85cc MotoX Championship

      New Zealand