Hats off to Austin

Drivers have embraced the Texas spirit with some novelty hats... and helmets.
Romain Grosjean and Fernando Alonso together with their helmets.
Romain Grosjean and Fernando Alonso © Fernando Alonso
By RedBull.com Team

Well, Texas is the land of the big and fancy hats, so a few of the drivers have embraced the ethos by mucking about with their helmets – again.

First up were Fernando Alonso and Romain Grosjean. The Ferrari driver and the Lotus man traded helmets on the eve of the US GP with Grosjean thanking the Spaniard (whom he briefly partnered at Renault in 2009) for the what he called a “fantastic souvenir of my first full season in F1”.

Alonso, meanwhile, thanked the Frenchman for “another one to add to my collection”, which left us wondering if the Ferrari driver has a roomful of F1 ‘scalps’ at home. Maybe he just sits in there sometimes admiring a cabinet full of rival’s lids and quietly muttering “beat him, beat him, beat him, Lewis… grrrrr, German guy – ended his career… twice”.

Jenson Button in Texas wearing cowboy hat with some friends.
Jenson Button in Texas © Jenson Button

Elsewhere McLaren’s Jenson Button tweeted a picture of himself at a team BBQ where he was given a sort of cowboy hat. Now, we don’t want to quibble (much) but there are two things wrong with this picture. One, it’s not a very good cowboy hat and looks more like the sort of thing a middle aged British ex-pat would wear to an afternoon out at a West Indies cricket match and, two, Jenson’s mates have clearly embraced the western theme by donning the neckerchiefs they were given. Jenson, meanwhile has opted to complete the middle-aged ex-pat look by putting the handkerchief in his breast pocket! Nice one.

Finally, Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez has done what is now officially know as a ‘Vettel’ and changed his helmet design for this race. The Sauber driver admitted on Thursday that this is the closest to his Guadalajara home that he has ever raced and as such the Mexican has opted for a suitably patriotic colour scheme for the race in Austin.

Sergio Perez has a new helmet featuring the Mexican flag
Sergio Perez new helmet © Sergio Perez
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