F1’s 8 ugliest cars of all time

Formula One cars are meant to be beautiful creations, but not everyone got the memo.
By Tom Bellingham and Oliver Schran
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Tyrrell P34 (Project 34)
Ugly F1 Cars - Tyrrell P34 (Project 34)
Tyrrell P34 (Project 34) The six-wheeled Tyrrell designed by Derek Gardner was one of the most radical entries ever to succeed in F1 competition, and has been called the most recognizable design in the history of world motorsports. Believe it or not, the P34 won one GP in 30 races and set three fastest laps. © Lothar Spurzem
1971 March 711
1971 March 711
1971 March 711 The front wing of the March 711 was nicknamed the ‘tea-tray’ but it looked more a place for the team to iron their team wear. This surfboard design was more suited to the water than the race track, preferably underwater so no one has to see it ever again. © DPPI
1971 Brabham BT34 (Driver: Graham Hill)
Ugly F1 Cars - 1971 Brabham BT34 (Driver: Graham Hill)
1971 Brabham BT34 (Driver: Graham Hill) The BT34 was nicknamed the 'lobster claw', derived from its twin radiators mounted ahead of the front wheels. Only one BT34 was built for Graham Hill, who scored only two points in 20 races due to quite a few mechanical issues during the season. The BT34 was replaced by the BT37 for the 1973 season. © m.forocoches.com
2001 Arrows A22
2001 Arrows A22
2001 Arrows A22 Because having two aero wings is too mainstream, Arrows decided they’d put a third one onto the A22. The Monaco Grand Prix is tough enough as it so it can’t have been easy for their drivers to have a big wing right in their view. © DPPI
1974 Ensign N173
Ugly F1 Cars - 1974 Ensign N173
1974 Ensign N173 Life was pretty short for the N173, with only eight starts in the 1974 season, but to be fair we have to mention that no driver of this exotic car had F1 experience and the construction was in general pretty basic. The car saw the chequered flag only twice and failed to score a single point. © David Merrett
1976 Ligier JS5
1976 Ligier JS5
1976 Ligier JS5 In 1976 the Ligier team turned up with a car that seemed to be carrying some holiday weight from the winter break. If 'Le Smurf's' air intake was any taller, it’d have trouble getting through the Monaco tunnel. © DPPI
1979 Arrows A2
Ugly F1 Cars - 1979 Arrows A2
1979 Arrows A2 The A2 was designed by Tony Southgate and Dave Wass for Arrows and had its debut at the French Grand Prix of 1979. Riccardo Patrese and Jochen Mass gave it their best in the A2, but it was relatively unsuccessful with its best finish being sixth on two occasions. © MPW57
1972 Eifelland F1 Typ 21
Eifelland F1 Typ 21
1972 Eifelland F1 Typ 21 Rolf Stommelen managed to see the chequered flag six out of eight times in the 1972 season, but the car was pretty much a flop due to its thermic problems and the team left F1 after only one season. © racing-history.de