Meet Colombian karter José Luis Paez

Meet Jose Luis Paez who will be representing Colombia at the final of Red Bull Kart Fight 2014.
By Red Bull Kart Fight Team

Name: José Paez Perea
Representing: Colombia
I live in: Bogotá
I was born in: 05/06/1988
I speak: Spanish
My day job is: Student
I started karting in: 2001

When did you start kart racing?
I started on a indoor track in Bogotá on 2001

What do you love about karting?
I like the feeling of the adrenaline and having a good rival race against me.

What is special for you about the Red Bull Kart Fight tournament?
I'm so exited to go to the world final, and to be able to bring the big trophy back to Colombia.

How many people entered Red Bull Kart Fight in Colombia?
600 people took part in the qualifying rounds.

How many people were in the Red Bull Kart Fight National Final?

Who was the special guest at the Red Bull Kart Fight Colombia final?
Gustavo Yacamán joined us during the event and was the official race starter.


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