Red Bull Kart Fight: Poland's Adrian Puc

We put Poland's representative Adrian Puc on the spot with a quickfire interview.
By Red Bull Kart Fight Team

Name: Adrian Puc
Nickname: Pucu
I represent: Poland
I live in: Rzeszów, Poland
I was born in: 24/07/1983
My native language is: Polish
I also speak: A little English
My day job is: Sales representative
I started karting in: 2003

When did you start kart racing?
I first tried it 10 years ago but I started kart racing about a year and a half ago, when they built a racing track in my home town. I go about twice a week.

What do you love about karting?
I love the adrenaline rush it gives me. It’s all about the speed and rivalry. I also love the feeling of being completely focused on the ride, not thinking about anything else.

What makes Red Bull Kart Fight special?
I took on the best hall kart drivers in Poland and won! The level was pretty high. So was the temperature of the whole event. I really liked the atmosphere.

Have you been to Austria before?
I have never actually been to Austria.

How many people entered Red Bull Kart Fight in Poland?
Over 10,000 people

How many people were in the Red Bull Kart Fight National Final?

Can you tell us an interesting fact about the final?
The project’s ambassador comes from Krakow. There were lots of celebs attending the event: actors, dancers, singers, athletes.

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