Which of these F1 liveries is the most outlandish?

Flames and psychedelic paint jobs can’t be on the F1 cars. These guys didn’t get the memo, it seems.
Sahara Force India F1 livery
Sahara Force India F1 livery © Sahara Force India F1 Team
By Paul Keith

One could argue that Formula One cars are probably the most distinct looking cars on the planet. In racing series like NASCAR, DTM, WRC, WTCC and others; the basic shape of the machine still has a resemblance of their on-road counterparts. But Formula One don't really have any on-road cousins. Hence, even their paint job remains unique. Taking into consideration the fact that F1 cars are 330kph billboards, the designers have a tough task of making them look pretty.

The size of the corporate logos and the livery of the car are often decided by the number of ‘zeros’ in the sponsor’s paycheque. Well, we do understand that all teams need sponsors and partner negotiations are not easy but sometimes, things get a bit crazy.

We’ve put together a collection of some of the most outlandish Formula One liveries whose designers, sponsors and teams went a bit too far in giving Gas Monkey Garage and West Coast Customs a run for their money. So go ahead and tell us which one shocked you the most.