Here’s how Red Bull Racing joined the 100 Club

The 2017 Chinese Grand Prix was the 100th podium for Red Bull Racing – take a look back at the trip.
By Justin Hynes

Max Verstappen's charge from 16th on the grid to third at the flag was Red Bull Racing's 136th podium finish but, more significantly for anyone who likes a nice round number, it made the 2017 Chinese Grand Prix the 100th race from which Red Bull Racing has returned home with a trophy.

Red Bull Racing are fifth on the all-time list of podium-scoring teams, which isn't bad considering they’re only just starting their 15th season and the four teams in front – Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Lotus – have got a little bit more history.

Every one of those races is special. But some podiums are a bit more special than others. Here's a list of ten that were, in some way, memorable.

Monaco GP 2006
David 'Clark Kent' Coulthard started it all © Getty Images/Red Bull Racing

2006 Monaco Grand Prix – David Coulthard – 3rd

Red Bull Racing scored points in 13 of their first 25 races, but the podium eluded them until David Coulthard inherited third place in the closing laps of the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix after Jarno Trulli's Toyota had a hydraulic problem. With two Monaco victories in his locker already, DC was the guy you wanted in that situation. He brought the car home and wore a Superman outfit on the podium because the team was sponsored for that weekend by the Superman Returns movie.

European GP 2007
Webber mastered the Green Hell © Getty Images/Red Bull Racing

2007 European Grand Prix – Mark Webber – 3rd

The 2007 European Grand Prix at the Nürburgring was a horrendously difficult race. Heavy rain at the start, a red flag, dry conditions (if you don't like the weather in the Eifel, wait 10 minutes and try something else) and then a rain-drenched finale in which Mark Webber displayed some true grip when going toe-to-toe with Alex Wurz's Williams, staying ahead to clinch the team's second podium.

Canadian GP 2008
Thank you, DC © Getty Images/Red Bull Racing

2008 Canadian Grand Prix – David Coulthard – 3rd

David Coulthard's 62nd and final podium came 15 seasons after his first and in his final season as an F1 driver. This was a typically chaotic Canadian Grand Prix: the track breaking up in the heat, the car on fire, the safety car out, a pitlane pile-up and DC sailing serenely through to bag the team's third podium – but only just as the car ran out of fuel and had to be pushed into parc fermé. You could do that back then.

Chinese GP 2009
A dramatic weekend © Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

2009 Chinese Grand Prix – Sebastian Vettel & Mark Webber – 1-2

This was the race that marked the great leap forward for Red Bull Racing. First pole, first victory, first one-two finish. Another wet Chinese Grand Prix to bring out the best in F1, and while new boy Sebastian Vettel did the business in unruffled style, Mark Webber had a huge scrap with Jenson Button to secure second. In the garage it was rather more dramatic than it may have appeared, after a tough weekend for reliability and fingers definitely crossed that the cars held together to the flag.

Abu Dhabi GP 2010
Vettel's first world drivers' championship © Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Sebastian Vettel – 1st

Not the most dramatic season finale of all time (that's Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton) and maybe not even the most dramatic one Red Bull Racing has been involved in, but a thriller nevertheless. Four drivers went to Yas Marina with a chance of emerging World Champion. Seb wasn't even one of the favourites as he hadn't led the title race all season, but a faultless drive from pole saw him top of the table on the only day that mattered.

Chinese Grand Prix 2011
Seb and Web pulled off this Shanghai Noon © Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

2011 Chinese Grand Prix – Mark Webber – 3rd

Electrical problems left Mark 18th on the grid in China when the 2011-spec KERS developed a gremlin. But it worked OK in the race when he opted to run a reverse three-stop strategy and scythed through the field to finish third. It's still the furthest back that a podium finisher has come from in China.

Abu Dhabi GP 2012
Abu Dhabi's always been a happy hunting ground © Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2012 – Sebastian Vettel – 3rd

Sebastian Vettel had qualified third but, running low on fuel, he failed to return to the pits and was duly excluded from qualifying for being unable to provide a sufficient sample. As a result, he started from the pitlane. It wasn't a smooth run to third but a battling one that saw him bumping wheels and losing bodywork as he muscled his way past rivals. Context is important: with two races to follow, battling back through the field enabled Seb to stay ahead of Fernando Alonso as the title race went to the wire, with the Red Bull Racing driver taking the trophy by three points.

Mark Webber Brazilian GP 2013
Left his Mark on the sport © Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

2013 Brazilian Grand Prix – Sebastian Vettel & Mark Webber – 1-2

The 15th and final 1-2 finish for Seb and Mark saw Seb set a new record of nine consecutive F1 victories and Mark sign off his Formula One career with his 42nd appearance on the podium. The Australian driver took off his lid for his slowdown lap and stole the show.

Hungarian GP 2015 podium
Dan and Dany got the job done at Spa © Getty Images/Red Bull Racing

2015 Hungarian Grand Prix – Daniil Kvyat & Daniel Ricciardo – 2-3

Not Red Bull Racing’s best result in Hungary, but worthy of inclusion for sheer grit. The RB11 car didn't have the best start to the year, but by mid-season was starting to come right. While it still lacked horsepower, the team had figured out a chassis setup that made it a potent force on slower tracks – and they don't come much slower than Hungary. It was a tough, wheel-banging race in which Daniel Ricciardo and Danill Kvyat both worked their socks off to get the team’s best result of the season.

Malaysian Grand Prix 2016
Christian Horner doing a shoey after 1-2 finish © Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

2016 Malaysian Grand Prix – Daniel Ricciardo & Max Verstappen – 1-2

The battle between Max and Daniel for third in China was pretty close, but not quite the wheel-to-wheel stuff we saw last year in Malaysia as they tussled for what ultimately turned out to be victory. Then, as now, the boys played nice – or at least nice enough. It was great to watch for fans, but not so comfortable in the garage, which probably explains why the celebration in the pitlane was so joyous after Red Bull Racing’s first 1-2 finish in three years.

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