Watch how WEC is redefining motorsport engineering

Take a look at the technology powering today’s WEC cars. Tomorrow it might power your sedan as well.
WEC LMP1 Porsche
WEC LMP1 cars - a technological marvel © Dutch Photo Agency/Red Bull Content Pool
By Binoy Parikh

FIA's golden child Formula One is widely known as the pinnacle of motorsport. But over the years, the World Endurance Championship – especially the LMP1 (Le Mans Prototype) class – has put down the gauntlet challenging that claim.

With only the right amount of regulations governing WEC, LMP1 has truly pushed the limits of engineering over the years. Its hybrid system provides efficiency and performance that's unlike anything else.

So, how do they do it?

*Science Geek Alert*

Well, as per the science text books, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. And that energy gets converted from one form to another.

Stay with us here.

The hybrid system works pretty much as per the above mentioned laws of thermodynamics. When the brakes are applied, the electric generator along the front axle generates electricity.

Similarly, the kinetic energy of high-speed exhaust gases are used to run turbines, which once again generates electrical energy.

This energy stored in the batteries is then used over the course of the race, providing extra power to these 340kph powerplants.

Enough about science stuff.

Hit play and let motorsport legend David Coulthard take you on a whirlwind tour of these mean machines in this episode of AHEAD.

David Coulthard
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