Colin Edwards’s alternative guide to Austin

The Texas native tells how to handle a full-on MotoGP weekend in the Lone Star State.
MotoGP rider Colin Edwards Australia Grand Prix
Colin gives the camera a little something © Studio Milagro / DPPI
By Joseph Caron Dawe

Colin Edwards is as straight talking as they get. The MotoGP veteran is well known for his humorous quips, no-nonsense chat and zest for life, and is ready for his home round at the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas at the weekend.

With the ‘Texas Tornado’ pumped for Round 2 of the 2014 season, thought there could be no-one better to get a rough guide to the GP weekend from than Edwards himself. Hold on to your hats (or your stetsons)...

Colin, where’s the best place to hang out and soak up the atmosphere?
Anywhere at the track obviously, but for Austin itself, you've got Sixth Street. Downtown Austin is just a fun place. I went down there last year during the GP and there is a ton of atmosphere down there, so that would be my go-to spot.

MotoGP rider Colin Edwards
Maybe you could get Colin out for a spot of golf © Photo courtesy of Bridgestone

The best places to eat some real Texas food?
I could tell you everything around here where I live (north of Houston), but around Austin you have so many great restaurants so anything would work. We’ll have the barbecue here fired up from Monday night, so you could try some of that!

The best position is probably the farthest away. You don't want to be taking a direct hit from that bad boy!

Prime position to catch a t-shirt from the famous Colin Edwards t-shirt gun?
The t-shirt gun was from Yamaha, they had bought it, and I think Lorenzo might have taken it over from what I've seen! The best position is probably the farthest away. You don't want to be taking a direct hit from that bad boy!

The best place to celebrate after the race?
Probably at my motorhome having a few beers! Failing that, back to Sixth Street – you can't go wrong there.

MotoGP rider Colin Edwards Qatar Grand Prix
Colin in action at Round 1 in Qatar © Toni Börner/

Three essential things to make sure you have when at the Austin GP...
Toothbrush, clean underwear and your iPhone. Don't get caught out without them! Bonus item is a 12-pack of beer for sure.

If I’m calling you dude or amigo during the weekend, it's because I can't remember your name!

Some Texas phrases you might need to know, and what they mean?
You’re going to hear plenty of y’all throughout the weekend. You might hear fixin’, which we would use in the context of: “the race is fixin’ to start”. It’s not really a word, but we say that a lot around here. We also tend to call people dude around here, and amigo too as we’re close to Mexico. If I’m calling you dude or amigo during the weekend, it’s because I can't remember your name!

MotoGP rider Colin Edwards Qatar Grand Prix
Colin Edwards: Texas Tornado © Toni Börner/

How would Colin Edwards’s perfect Austin weekend shape up?
Of course winning the race would be awesome. That’s all anyone would want. I’m obviously not in my prime like I used to be, but that's the main thought! In my case I have my family and everybody coming and I just want everyone to have a great weekend, and I want to perform.

© Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

It was your dream to have a home GP, and now you have one. How did last year’s first Austin GP measure up to expectation?
Walking out of my house, getting in my truck and just driving to a race track is awesome. After all these years of travelling to every race I’m used to coming out of my neighbourhood and turning left when I’m leaving for a race, to go to the airport. This weekend I can come out and turn right, and that’s a great feeling!

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