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Geoff Aaron demo at the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix of The Americas at Circuit of The Americas on April 10, 2016 in Austin, Texas.
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Hi, my name is Geoff Aaron. My discipline is trials & endurocross. My friends call me Moto Jedi. I was born on 14 August 1972 in Redding, Connecticut, USA. My special talent is driving ridiculously long hours without stopping. My philosophy of life is work hard, play hard. The most important person in my life is my wife Merry, she gave me two little boys and is the glue that holds everything together. My favourite food is mexican food. My favourite music is rock/hard rock.


Geoff Aaron knows a thing or two about standing tall, which is good because the 6'4" athlete rides a motorcycle so specialised it doesn't even have a seat. But standing up on the pegs of his bike – while negotiating seemingly impossible obstacles – is what trials riding is all about. It's also what the multiple AMA National Trials champion does best.

Aaron became interested in motorcycles when he was 13. Noticing his curiosity, his father, who used to trail ride on weekends, suggested a trials bike to learn on. "Trials riding teaches balance and control of the motorcycle," Aaron explains. "Those skills transfer to all types of riding and make you a safer better rider." He bought his first trials bike in 1984, and the following year entered his first trials competition.

In addition to the myriad wins in the AMA National Trials, his national wins, New England Trials Champion titles, and El Trial de España honours, Aaron has been a member of the American Trials des Nations team multiple times. He was named AMA amateur athlete of the year in 2000. That same year (and again in 2006) he was named AMA Sports Athlete of the Year.

Aaron now focuses more on promoting his sport, travelling the country in his custom-made mobile demo rig to share his insane gift of trials. But, make no mistake, Geoff maintains his razor-sharp competitive edge and is a regular at the X Games where he's a legit medal contender in Endurocross.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2014
    1. 5th Place: Geico Endurocross #9

      Ontario, Canada

  2. 2013
    1. 3rd Place: X Games Last Chance Qualifiers - Enduro X

      Los Angeles, USA

  3. 2012
    1. 8th Place: X Games - Enduro X

      Los Angeles, USA

  4. 2011
    1. 5th Place: X Games - Enduro X

      Los Angeles, USA

  5. 2012
    1. 9th Place Overall: AMA Geico Powersports EnduroCross

  6. 2011
    1. 4th Place Overall: AMA Geico Powersports EnduroCross

  7. 2006
    1. AMA Sports Athlete of the Year

  8. 2000
    1. AMA Sports Athlete of the Year