Marv’ Attack

Marvin Musquin

Keep things fun, limit pressure and stay happy

Marvin Musquin competes in the AMA Pro Motocross Series at Spring Creek Raceway in Millville, Minnesota on 18 July, 2015
© Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool

Hi, my name is Marvin Musquin. My discipline is supercross. My friends call me Marv’ Attack. I was born on 30 December 1989 in La Réole, France. My philosophy of life is keep things fun… and stay happy. My favourite food is a big burger or steak… ideally at a restaurant with my crew after a good race.


Marvin Musquin is a two-time MX2 World Champion... but has only just begun to show the world what he's capable of. Born in 1989 in La Réole, in the south-west of France, Marvin grew up surrounded by bikes and prime riding locations, and at four years old was already in the saddle. By the time he was six, he'd already begun to compete, developing a penchant for supercross as well as a distinctive smooth and poetic riding style.

His talent propelled him onwards and upwards through the ranks and classes, until he was racing at the top level of his sport. Having won the French National Championship, his dream to become a full-time pro rider was eventually realised when he became Motocross World Champion at the Brazillian MX Grand Prix in 2009.

The hard-working Frenchman knew that despite his victory, much hard work lay ahead. His grit and determination eventually paid off, as after an action-packed season he took a consecutive Motocross World Champion title at the 2010 Dutch Grand Prix.

Musquin has since left his home country and made a bold move to the USA, where he trains and competes amongst the elite in his sport. He currently rides with KTM Red Bull alongside team-mate Ken Roczen. 

His plan for 2014 was simple: “My focus is 100 percent to win the 250 SX title. I won’t be content unless I win it!” Unfortunately he tore his ACL and came into 2014 not fully recovered and, to make matters worse, he dislocated his shoulder in practice at the opening round. However, that didn't stop Musquin giving it his all. At Washougal he showed what could have been when he absolutely dominated for a perfect 1-1 before going on to take the 250 win at Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2014.

In 2015, Musquin went full throttle and took the AMA East 250 Supercross title. We can't wait to see what else awaits him around the next bend.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2016
    1. 1st Place: Red Bull Straight Rhythm

      Pomona, USA

  2. 2016
    1. 3rd Place: Supermotocross Rider's Cup


    2. 3rd Place: AMA Pro Motocross – Budds Creek

      Mechanicsville, Maryland, USA

    3. 2nd Place: AMA Pro Motocross - 450

      New Berlin, USA

    4. 3rd Place: AMA Pro Motocross – Washougal

      Washougal, USA

    5. 2nd Place: AMA Supercross 450

      Milville, USA

    6. 3rd Place: AMA Pro Motocross Championship Rd 4

      Mt. Morris, USA

    7. 2nd Place: AMA Supercross 450 – Detroit

      Detroit, USA