Julien Dupont brings French freestyle to Favelas

Julien Dupont brings his French freestyle to the favelas of Brazil for Red Bull Trial X Sessions
Julien Dupont performs at the Red Bull Trial X Sessions at Favela do Vidigal in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on April 16th, 2012
Julien Dupont - Red Bull X Trials Brazil 2012 © Guilber Hidaka/Red Bull Content Pool
By redbull.com team

Perched at an altitude of 530 metres, Vidigal has long been considered home to the finest view in Rio. Yet, for many decades, this panorama was the privilege of a select few, with many of the 13,000-strong community forced to live in hardship.

Since late 2011, however, things have improved significantly thanks to a concerted effort by the military police to wrestle control of Rio’s slums away from drug traffickers and back into the hands of the state.

As the community becomes safer, more and more outsiders are beginning to venture into the area in the west of the city – one of the latest being freestyle trials rider Julien Dupont. The Frenchman famous for his urban sessions in cities across the globe admits that he had long been “intrigued” by the idea of riding the archetypal favela terrain, but was cautious about making it happen due to security concerns.

Julien Dupont rides in the favelas during Red Bull Trial X Sessions in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on April 16th, 2012
Julien Dupont Trial X Sessions - Brazil 2012 © Guilber Hidaka/Red Bull Content Pool

 “Everybody back home told me before I came, ‘You’re going into a favela, are you crazy? You just don’t go in there, it’s too dangerous’. Now am here I can see it’s not dangerous at all. The people are very friendly, there’s a very good vibe,” explained the 32-year-old Lyon native. “This is an incredible spot for the type of riding I like to do. Everywhere you look there are stairs, walls, roofs, drop-offs and step-up jumps. It’s like a huge playground.”

The three-day visit as part of Red Bull Trial X Sessions 2012 left a lasting impression on both Dupont and the local population. “To me it’s amazing that we can now receive a guy like Julien inside Vidigal,” praised community leader William Santos, known locally as ‘Shakespeare’ for his part-time theatre work. “I saw him ride, and to me what he does is not sport – it’s pure art.”

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