Video: How not to ride a trials motorbike

When trials rider Julien Dupont lent his bike to a mate recently, things got a bit out of control...
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Julien Dupont knows a thing or two about riding motorbikes.

The French trials rider specialises in “freeriding”, which is basically parkour for motorbikes. Give him a building, a staircase or even the Gateshead Millennium Bridge in Newcastle, UK (check out the video below) and Julien will find a way to ride over it.

But what happens when Julien, kind fellow that he is, tries to share his riding knowledge with those less fortunate – or rather those with less talent – than him? Bad things, that’s what.

Julien decided to tutor a young, trials-riding hopeful recently, giving him full use of his Gas Gas 300 TXT competition bike. The results were…well, just watch the video above.

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