The Erzberg Rodeo’s gnarliest in pictures

We take a closer look at some of the toughest parts of the Red Bull Hare Scramble course.
By Jonty Edmunds
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Track map
Track map Starting in the bowel of the quarry, competitors must first fight their way out before racing along fast tracks and woodland trails towards the mountain’s top. Only the best will then make it through to iconic sections like Karl’s Diner and Dynamite. © Jonty Edmunds
The Prologue
The Prologue Before the fun and games of the Red Bull Hare Scramble, there’s qualifying to be done. One-by-one, riders attack one of the fastest off-road race tracks in the world. It’s scary fast – crashing simply isn’t an option! © Jonty Edmunds
And they’re off!
And they’re off! Like caged animals, 500 riders wait nervously for the start of the Hare Scramble. Then, when the starter’s flag drops, it’s go, go, go. Some pin it, in the hope of winning. Most know their chances of finishing are slim and select survival mode from the get go. © Jonty Edmunds
Short ‘n’ sharp
Short ‘n’ sharp Still within sight of the start, riders face numerous short yet highly challenging climbs. Easy enough for the top riders but one wrong line choice and the world of pain and suffering that is the Erzberg Rodeo can start all too soon. © Jonty Edmunds
Downhill What’s the easiest way to damage your bike at Erzberg? Part company with it while tackling one of the many perilous downhills. Here Jonny Walker (top left) heads to the start of Karl’s Diner, doing all he can to avoid what’s hidden in the grass. © Jonty Edmunds
A lonely place
A lonely place Think of where you’d least like to ride your dirt bike, multiply it by 10, and you’ve got Karl’s Diner. A near 1km long section of track, it’s nothing but rocks and boulders all the way. It’s brutal. © Jonty Edmunds
Nothin’ but rocks
Nothin’ but rocks Karl’s Diner is always tough. Some walk their way through, others put their trials skills to good use. Travis Pastrana slowly but surely made his way across the torturous rock garden in 2006, bashing, denting, breaking and scratching just about every inch of his borrowed Suzuki RM250. © Jonty Edmunds
Explosive stuff
Explosive stuff It’s named Dynamite because it’s where the miners keep their explosives! Seriously, it’s stashed in the white shed in the background of this shot. As tough today as it was back in the day, a Sherco-mounted Graham Jarvis pauses for a moment before tacking the hill known simply as Dynamite. © Jonty Edmunds
Gerichtsgraben As hard to pronounce as it is to ride, Gerichtsgraben is the sting in the tail at the Erzberg Rodeo, as Taddy Blazusiak is finding out in this picture. Sometimes the last of the hard sections, sometimes not, it’s always rocks, rocks, and more rocks. Kinda like the rest of the course really… © Jonty Edmunds
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