Lucky numbers of the Erzbergrodeo

We play the percentages that help to create a logistical landslide each year at Eisenerz.
Another chaotic Erzbergrodeo gets underway
Another chaotic Erzbergrodeo gets underway © Red Bull Content Pool
By Tim Sturtridge

4 – Setting the Erzbergrodeo apart from other Hard Enduro contests dotted around the globe is the sheer scale of the event. A whole four days are needed to squeeze in all the fun and games happening at the Iron Giant. The climax of this wild weekend is the Red Bull Hare Scramble and only a handful of riders who set out on this adventure will manage to complete the four-hour course packed with pain and torture.

800 - The logistical campaign supporting the world’s most extreme enduro race sees a crew of 800 people working behind the scenes. At the epicentre of the race meeting is the purpose built Erzbergrodeo-Arena, a temporary structure that houses everything from the medical tent to the VIP lounge and of course the legendary beer tent.

The legendary beer tent of the Erzbergrodeo
The legendary beer tent of the Erzbergrodeo © Fernbach

1500 - Once again the entry list for the Iron Road Prologue has topped 1500 bikers as the Erzbergrodeo maintains its reputation as the ultimate dirtbike challenge. Only the fastest 500 riders from the Iron Road Prologue will take their place for Sunday’s Red Bull Hare Scramble so there’s hardly any margin of error for top stars of the sport such as defending champion Jonny Walker.

1466 - Each rider has two timed trials on the high-speed track of the Iron Road Prologue as the 13km course takes competitors to Erzberg’s peak at 1466m above sea level. After dealing with slippery mud inside the quarry and the loose gravel paths the riders must then battle against ear-popping altitude in order to complete their mission.

860 – Spectators coming along to witness the madness of the Erzbergrodeo are invited to get up close and personal with the action. A trip on the Erzbergrodeo Heli-Ride offers a birds eye view of the carnage below while a Hauly-Ride gets you on board of one of the huge, 860-horsepower mining trucks that patrol the area.

3000 – One of the many great traditions of this unparalleled event is the Sturm auf Eisenerz that takes place on Friday evening. More than 3000 dirt bikers gather together to ride through the tiny town of Eisenerz before coming back to the mountain.

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