The Erzbergrodeo 2013 in black and white

Mean, moody and magnificent – check out these epic shots from this year's Red Bull Hare Scramble.
By Lukas Pilz
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Wade Young getting ready
Wade Young at Hare Scramble 2013
Wade Young getting ready The 17-year-old South African rider gets some tips from his trainer before the start. He'd eventually finish in 11th place. © Lukas Pilz
Waiting in the rain
Jonny Walker at Erzbergrodeo 2013
Waiting in the rain The competition eyes up last year's Red Bull Hare Scramble winner Jonny Walker on bike number 3. After a difficult start, Walker went on to finish fourth. © Lukas Pilz
Winner's perspective
Graham Jarvis at Erzbergrodeo 2013
Winner's perspective Eventual victor Graham Jarvis brought special goggles to Erzberg to protect against the mud and water. © Lukas Pilz
The start puddle
Graham Jarvis at Erzbergrodeo 2013
The start puddle Heavy rainfall meant that the base of the quarry, where the 500 riders set off into the Red Bull Hare Scramble, looked more like a small lake than an enduro course. It meant that many of the competitors had to deal with engine flooding mere metres into the race. © Lukas Pilz
The line-up
Graham Jarvis at Erzbergrodeo 2013
The line-up Out of these 500 riders, only 14 reached the finish of the toughest single day race in the world. © Lukas Pilz
The battle begins
Graham Jarvis at Erzbergrodeo 2013
The battle begins The riders flash past the camera en route to hours and hours of punishing riding. © Lukas Pilz
Making waves
Erzbergrodeo 2013 Eisenerz, Austria Red Bull Hare Scramble
Making waves That's a motorbike that guy's riding, not a jetski. Although a jetski would have been more use to the riders off this year's startline. © Lukas Pilz
Up or down?
Up or down? Competitors were really pushed to their limit at this year's Red Bull Hare Scramble. © Lukas Pilz
Still smiling
Still smiling Despite the extreme conditions, at least this rider's still having a good time. © Lukas Pilz
Marko Petelin
Marko Petelin The pain shows on the Slovakian rider's face as he struggles to continue on his KTM. © Lukas Pilz
Simon Thaler
Simon Thaler The Italian rider fixes the horizon with an icy stare as he fights his way through the notorious checkpoint 'Badewanne'. © Lukas Pilz
Andy Noakley
Andy Noakley The British rider made it to Checkpoint 16, called 'Gerichtsloch', and got 21st overall. © Lukas Pilz
The winner...
The winner... Graham Jarvis looks incredibly calm and collected as he speaks to the press following his victory at the Red Bull Hare Scramble. Jarvis was followed home by German rider Andreas Lettenbichler and Jarvis' Husaberg team-mate Alfredo Gomez. © Lukas Pilz
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