Fast Talk: Wes Agee

The freestyle motocross rider talks about the two Xs: Red Bull X-Fighters and the X Games.
Wes Agee KTM Red Bull
Wes Agee in Temecula © Chris Tedesco/Red Bull Content Pool
By Greg Stuart

Wes Agee hasn’t had much time on his bike since recently joining the Red Bull family. After missing the first few Red Bull X-Fighters events of the year due to touring commitments, the California-based freestyle motocross rider was looking forward to a home ride at Glen Helen before the event was curtailed due to bad weather. A bronze medal at April’s X Games Foz do Iguacu, however, helped to underline the fact that Wes is a seriously top notch rider.

We took some time out to talk about his year… Wes, how has 2013 gone for you so far?
Wes Agee: It’s been a super busy year for me but I haven’t been able to ride any of the X-Fighters events. The only one I was invited to was the one in Glen Helen and we didn’t ride, so that was a big bummer for me! The organisers felt it was too windy for us to ride safe. It’s probably for the best that we didn’t ride. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt, or myself. We stayed smart there.

Wes Agee KTM Red Bull Glen Helen
Wes was hoping for a big result at Glen Helen © Jorg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool

RB: One contest that did go ahead at Glen Helen was the Step Up. Some riders didn’t fancy doing the 60 foot jump there. What made you do it?
WA: The Step Up was a big deal. There were two Step Ups there. We all flipped the smaller one, then I had it in my head to flip the bigger one. That was in my final run and my bike actually acted up on me, but luckily I got it together and that was my last jump, so it counted. I ended up getting Signature Move from that, a lot of exposure and a lot of good feedback, so I’m glad it went good.

RB: What did winning a medal at this year’s X Games Foz do Iguacu in Brazil mean to you?
WA: I’ve always watched X Games, but Brazil was my first X Games appearance. The bronze in Brazil was amazing. There were a couple of guys who weren’t there who I’d have liked to compete against, but still you had Rob Adelberg, Taka Higashino, Jacko Strong pulled out the Frontflip and then broke his leg right after. So there were some killer riders and I was glad just to be on top of some of them.

Wes Agee KTM Red Bull
Wes brings some FMX to California's vineyards © Chris Tedesco/Red Bull Content Pool

RB: How do you keep your bike skills sharp at home?
WA: Growing up in Temecula, California, it’s kind of like the mecca of freestyle motorsports. We’ve got six to ten courses around there, multiple foam pits and some of the best riders in the world. And of course the natural terrain in California. I grew up riding really rough, natural terrain, just dirt, sand, mud, rocks, whatever. So that really sharpens my skills and keeps me a little bit on top of other guys.

RB: Have you done other offroad sports?
WA: Yeah, I’m really into offroad trucks and I have been my whole life. I’m building one now and I jumped it pretty good – I did like a 100ft dirtbike jump on the same hill where I have an unofficial world record, a 190ft backflip on a dirtbike from take-off to landing. That backflip was actually a big part of me getting noticed by Red Bull. We’ve got some plans for 2014. I can’t say too much but we’re going to be doing some pretty insane stuff.

Check out Wes’ profile on the official Red Bull X-Fighters website here.

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