Hot List: Graham Jarvis' top six YouTube videos

We take a look at the best footage of Enduro's Silent Assassin featured on YouTube...
© Jonty Edmunds
By Jonty Edmunds

Graham Jarvis is undoubtedly the world’s best Hard Enduro rider. Armed with incredible skills on an enduro bike there’s little - if anything - that can stand his way. But while he’s been winning every Hard Enduro race on the planet, he’s also become a relative YouTube sensation. takes a look at Graham Jarvis’ YouTube Hot List…

1. Graham Jarvis Spanish Training

Views: 3,399,309

Straight in at number one and sitting at the top of this page, ‘Graham Jarvis Spanish Training’ has been watched close to three-and-a-half million times. Play riding at his absolute best, Jarvis turns an ordinary Spanish villa into an enduro playground.

2. Graham Jarvis training at The Works skate park Leeds

© Jonty Edmunds

Views: 2,224,437

Jarvis’ second highest-ranking video ‘Graham Jarvis training at The Works skate park Leeds’ sits over one million views behind first place. Continuing the theme of doing insane tricks on an enduro bike, Jarvis’ proves that you don’t need a skateboard to have fun in a skate park.

3. Graham Jarvis enduro skills: incredible bike control

© Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Content Pool

Views: 690,007

Like a lot of his videos Jarvis performs at his best when he’s just messing about. Warming up before the 2011 Roof of Africa, Jarvis entertains a small crowd with his wheelie skills. Who thought a pile of concrete drainage pipes could be so much fun?

4. Catching Up With Graham Jarvis

© Philip Platzer/Red Bull Content Pool

Views: 439,228

Dating back to early 2011, this YouTube segment catches up with Jarvis as he settles into his new ride with Husaberg. A man of few words, he lets his riding do most of the talking.

5. Graham Jarvis Riding Clinic at Xtinction

© Mihai Stetcu/Red Bull Content Pool

Views: 314,710

In at number five is the first of many Jarvis training school videos scattered throughout the World Wide Web. It’s not until you see him ride with ordinary folk that you see how gifted he really is on a bike.

6. Graham Jarvis A Training Day In Winter

© Olaf Pignataro/Red Bull Content Pool

Views: 236,634

Simplistic at it’s best. It’s winter in North Yorkshire, snow is in the air and races like The Tough One and Hell’s Gate are just around the corner. With no time to chill out in front of an open fire, Jarvis heads to his private training ground. On terrain most would fear to thread, he handles slippery boulders and gigantic rock steps with ease.

Bonus: Jarvis Getting it Wrong

© Dmytro Vakulka/Red Bull Content Pool

Views: 10,863

Proof the man’s human – sometimes even Jarvis gets it wrong…

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