Frozen Rush: Off-road racing on snow

Eight legendary off-road racers compete in the first-ever race on a snow-covered ski resort.
By Tom Bellingham

TORC and LOORS off-racing legends; Ricky Johnson, Bryce Menzies, Rob MacCachren, Todd LeDuc, Johnny Greaves, Scott Douglas, Carl Renezeder, and Greg Adler got back behind the wheel of their trucks for a unique new race, the Red Bull Frozen Rush.

It was a change of scenery for the drivers - used to racing on dirt, mud and sand – who were now having to tackle a snow cover ski resort. 10,000 spectators arrived at Sunday River ski resort to watch the inaugural Red Bull Frozen Rush.

TORC rivals Ricky Johnson and Johnny Greaves went head to head in the final and it was Johnson who emerged victorious as the 2014 Red Bull Frozen Rush champion.

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