Hold on tight for Enduro’s most crunching crashes

We’ve rounded up some of the biggest offs in Enduro from throughout 2014 in this exclusive video!
An Enduro rider crashes at Red Bull Sea to Sky
A participant falls at Red Bull Sea to Sky 2014 © Nuri Yilmazer/Red Bull Content Pool
By Joseph Caron Dawe

Every job has its potential pitfalls, but few can be quite as punishing as those facing Enduro riders.

Traversing the toughest terrains, with obstacles that would make most of us laugh and turn back, these guys are made of tough stuff. They have to be, because the only certainty when coming off an Enduro bike is that the landing won't be a soft one!

Throughout 2014 we've seen spills that've made our eyes water, but that the stars of Enduro have soldiered on through in their determination to make it to the finish line.

Sit back and marvel at the steel of these guys, in RedBull.com's collection of crashes from 2014.

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