Marvel at the best Enduro moments from 2014 brings you an exclusive video, rounding up the most gripping Enduro action of the year.
Enduro rider Wade Young at Red Bull Sea to Sky
Wade Young in action at Red Bull Sea to Sky 2014 © Claudius Vasilescu/Red Bull Content Pool
By Joseph Caron Dawe

Enduro never fails to deliver.

The feats the riders pull off on a regular basis just to get their bikes to the end of the line defy belief.

Skill, fearlessness, mental toughness and peak physical fitness are just some of the attributes necessary to make it, and watching the stars of Enduro do their thing is impressive to say the least. has selected the very best moments from throughout 2014 to make an epic video that demonstrates just how intense and exhilarating Enduro has been this year. Enjoy!

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