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Moto Soul: Dune running with Renner

Join X Games legend Ronnie Renner as he heads to the California desert for episode two of Moto Soul.
Ronnie Renner wheelies up a sand dune in Dumont, California
Dune wheelie ©
By Oliver Schran

In episode one, we caught up with Drake McElroy, a true legend of freestyle motocross, as he took us to his secret playground in the desert highlands of Nevada.

In episode two, we head to Dumont Dunes in the Mojave Desert with one of FMX's born entertainers, Ronnie Renner.

With numerous Red Bull X-Fighters podiums and more than 10 X Games medals under his belt, Renner has gained worldwide recognition for his unique talents on a bike and his unstoppable personality off the track. A true character with a passion for motorcycling, Renner channels the spirit of a life on two wheels that we try to capture in Moto Soul.

Watch the second episode of Moto Soul in the player below.

Renner has been a fixture at the X Games and beyond for well over a decade. Now in his late 30s and a father of four, he is taking things a bit easier these days, but when there's a hint of action he's always keen – be it MX, a dune buggy, MTB or a kart, Renner's ready for fun on whatever he can ride.

Search YouTube for some of Renner's greatest hits

Ronnie Renner sprays sand on the dunes of Dumont, California
Sand spray © teamed up with Ronnie for a trip to Dumont Dunes to get a flavour of freeriding at this unique location. We also visited his home in Southern California to get a glimpse into his family life.

Episode two is packed with amazing landscapes and breathtaking action on two and four wheels. Check it out now.

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