Red Bull Hare Scramble

Relive the Red Bull Hare Scramble 2015 on demand

Watch the replay of the Red Bull Hare Scramble with added commentary from the Erzbergrodeo blog.
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By Paul Keith

Watch all the incredible hard enduro action from the epic Red Bull Hare Scramble 2015, the climax of the 21st Erzbergrodeo, with a full replay of the amazing race.

Join commentators Jack Burnicle, expert summariser Darryl Curtis and field reporters Kate Peck and Josh Bloom in quarry to relive one of the most exciting Erzberg races ever. 

Where to watch the Red Bull Hare Scramble 2015

You can catch all the action live on with our second screen commentary with action replays and live photos bringing you everything that's happening on track and around the Erzbergrodeo.

Or you can watch on, using the new interactive heat analyser. 


New course for the 2015 Red Bull Hare Scramble

There’s a new course for the 2015 Red Bull Hare Scramble featuring a double helping of Carl’s Dinner as the riders have to criss-cross over one of the most grueling sections of the Erzbergrodeo.

You can get to know the new course on this animated 3D map.

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