The animated guide to FMX

Do you know your nac nacs? Familiar with flips? Then check out our guide to being an FMX star.
By Damn Fine Media and Christian Stevenson

Freestyle motocross – or FMX – has come a long way in a short time. From the early innovators like Carey Hart and the Metal Mulisha, to the first megastars of the sport like Travis Pastrana, Mike Metzger and Robbie Maddison, and now the high flying heroes of Red Bull X-Fighters, including Dany Torres, Tom Pagès and Levi Sherwood. FMX is one of the most thrilling and spectacular sports in the world.

But where did it all begin, and what does it take to make it big in the world of FMX, take gold at the X Games and compare scars with Travis Pastrana and Ronnie Renner? Watch our animated guide to FMX and find out.

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