Want a sweet FMX set-up? Dany Torres can help you

The Red Bull X-Fighters legend fills us in on how he tunes up his KTM for competition.
By Joseph Caron Dawe

Dany Torres is one of the elite when it comes to FMX.

The Spanish rider is a seasoned Red Bull X-Fighters pro, and has a repertoire that is a match for the finest.

He invited us to his training compound in Arahal, Spain, to show us how a top FMX star sets his machine up for competition.

It was all part of Dany’s preparations for Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid, which takes place later this month. A camera crew was on hand to shoot behind-the-scenes footage for upcoming movie, Ride: United, currently in production by FourOhFour Films, which celebrates the unity, respect and friendship in the offroad motorcycling community.

Watch the video in the player above.

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