Check out this amazing motorbike drifting on snow

Get in the mood for winter with bike stunt rider Arūnas ‘Aras’ Gibieža drifting through Baltic snow.
By James Roberts and Robyworks

Hold on tight, because this clip sees Aras Gibieža hooning around frozen ponds of Burbiškis Manor and Aukštaitija National Park lakes in Lithuania astride his Kawasaki Ninja 636, with self-made studded tyres for grip.

It was shot and put together by Latvian production crew Robyworkswho have a knack for producing spellbinding videos involving sideways cars going very quckly.

According to Giedrius Čenkus, a co-producer on the film and part of the dynamic team that makes up the Villnius-based Drift Racing organisation Fast Lap, this winter wonderland spectacle was not entirely straightforward to capture. 

"It took us four days to shoot," said Čenkus. "It took one day to remove the snow and create the corridors, because it had snowed unexpectedly just a few days before the shoot. We had very limited daylight. It was very hard, physically and emotionally."

Remember, motorsport is dangerous, especially when you start messing about with high-powered motorbikes on frozen lakes. Inevitably, this led to some serious drama while capturing Gibieža doing his thing.

"It was -12C outside and in some parts there was broken ice and water on the surface," Čenkus added. "It's visible in the movie when Aras splashes through it. After that he was wet, but we continued anyway going 80–100kph all day long.

"In the last scene, where Aras breaks up the ice, we had to use safety rope in case he dived too far under the ice and got lost. We had to drag him out with the rope."

Want more? Check out the epic behind the scenes footage below.

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